Wednesday 12 June 2013

Deputy VC, police should be blamed for the death of the protesting students – Uniuyo student

Below is what Ud Sunday who claims she is a student of the university of Uyo posted on the facebook page of Planet FM:

D VC n those stupid policemen shud b blamed. If those incompetent robbers in uniform who call demselves policemen, hadn't started shootin live rounds straight (nt in d air) @ those of us tryn 2 leave d vicinity, d late victim wudn't hv died. A group of us students tried leavin Annex via d main gate n actually had 1 of d men in uniform fire live rounds straight @ us, nt in d air. Students wt ntin in our hands d@ cud hv bn misinterpreted as a weapon 2 warrant such acts. Even after d late victim was shot n sm students were tryn 2 rush him 2 d hospital, those Robbers in uniform called police, stopped d car n wasted mo mins d@ cud hv helped in savin him. Another Secondary school boy was also hit by a stray bullet in his right thigh (very close 2 his penis) n wt his singlets n his uniform shorts covered in blood, he tried walkin 2 where traffic was allowed cos d police had blocked frm d road leadin 2 Ekpanya, down 2 Itu n Ikpa road, only 2 hv d police start shootin straight 2wards him even yl we were shoutin d@ he'd bn shot n needed medical aid. If d police hadn't bn shootin straight @ us rather than in d air those protestin wudn't hv gone violent. D police shud b held responsible cos ntin warranted d use of live rounds, especially bn shot straight @ us instead of in d air. SHAME on 9ja police who will run away wn dey see Robbers wt real guns bt will use it on unarmed citizens.

PIX: One of the slain students identified as Kingsley Udoette a.k.a Kesy

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