Friday 2 September 2016

“I saved Etim Esin from being jailed in Belgium with $10,000”, Westerhof

Etim Esin

Former Super Eagles chief Coach Clemens Westerhof has revealed why he never experienced all the distractions most Nigerian coaches went through during his five years tenure. The man who called himself a “Dutchgerian” because of his love and attachment to Nigeria recalls how the then Vice President and Chief of General Staff under then Military President Ibrahim Babangida helped him throughout his tenure in Nigeria.

Westerhof then also recalled how Aikhomu called him to help sort out a challenge ex Nigerian International Etim “maradona” Esin was facing in Belgium.He revealed exclusively to
“Augustus Aikhomu, what a man, a man after my heart, that is a man, he knows about football, he knows what to talk about, he doesn’t talk nonsense blab la bla, there are so many people in Nigeria who talk bla bla bla and if you look behind the curtains there’s nothing.”
“So this man was also very straight forward, once he phoned me he said Coach can i come and see him immediately at the Villa, the Presidential Villa at Abuja, i went there he said listen Coach, can you help me, I said tell me what I must do, Etim Esin, Etim Esin Problems, Etim Esin was always problems, always, Etim Esin was one of the best players of Nigeria i have ever seen, absolutely incredible player, but he was always in problems, all kinds of problems, so I said what must I do, so he told me and I advised him.”
“Etim Esin did something in Belgium, I didn’t want to talk about it anymore, but we put a lawyer to it, the lawyer cleared everything and Etim Esin was cleared, it all cost $10,000 Dollars, he said no problem and gave the money, that man I could work with.”
“If i wanted something, i phoned him, if i wanted money i phoned him, i get all the money straight to me not through all the people who hang around him.”

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