Sunday 29 April 2012

Former Javis manager, Edu Offong bounced at the club

Sunday, April 14th 2012 will forever remain memorable in the live of High society chic Edu Ofong, the former manager of Javis Nite Club as it was a day she was denied of access to Javis Nite Club for her 'thanksgiving party'.
Recently, after months, nightlife was revived by the re-opening of Javis Nite Club in the heart of Uyo by Kabash the Atlantic FM House Party presenter and artiste manager whose creative ideas and affiliation with Chop Money Boiz movement helped to revive the club.
Her departure from Javis Nite Club had caused many ripples in high and low places, last week, it was in the news that the relationship with the club owner went soar,but with an aoita truth, Edu left for National Youth Service Corps in a nothern state, now she is done and it is worth thanking God for. Of cause, Javis should be the best choice of location, ignoroing her unofficial affiliation with M-Lounge Nite Club at Monty Suites.
It’s barely a month since Kabash and his crew took over the management of the club which was deserted. The one storey building now wheres a new look, with special cock tail for ladies, strict bouncing rules and freezing temperature airconditioners to cool off during dancing times, so you know the Chop Money Boiz mean business.
Observing the new development, or probably planning to take over the running of the club again, Edu made arrangements with the owner of Javis to use the club for her thanksgiving party on her return. Kabash and his crew thought it otherwise and had earlier on in the week instructed the security officer at Javis Nite Club to deny her entry into the club premises when she was making preparations for the said party whose venue had to be changed on impromptu arrangement to a new sit out bar, Kastro, former MaryAnn Hotel.
The outcome of the indirect battle of supremacy between Edu & Kabash is what we can not predict, but the embarrassment has confirmed the past rumours about Edu's eviction from Javis.
Javis front view, Kabash

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