Saturday 28 January 2012


Nsikak Umoh
It is no longer news that Akwa Ibom born music star, Nsikak Umoh a.k.a Bonic couldn’t make it to the top 9 of the Nigerian Idol Season II. In the elimination show of the reality TV show which was screened on Friday, Nsikak’s votes were not enough to get him to the top 9.

   In the show screened on AIT, Sanzye, Nsikak and Diwari were called up on the stage but Jeffery was asked who he could save, and he said all 3, but Sanzye and Nsikak got evicted while Diwari got saved
    All hope is not lost as the U-tunnelz star still has one more chance to make it to the top 12.  According to a report on the Idols website, “Ill Rymz announced that there would be a wild card show where already evicted contestants will be called back on the show to be in contention for the title. This time around, 9 contestants will be called back; 2 will be saved by the judges and 1 will be saved by your votes. So many twists and turns the show has in store for us all! Don’t forget forget to tune in this Sunday to watch the “Wild Card” show and get to see if your favourite contestant (who was evicted) gets called back!”.
    Will the judges route for Nsikak or will he garner enough votes to save him? Sunday evening will tell.

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