Tuesday 19 January 2016

Those who say I am plotting to kill APC candidate are comedians, says former AKHA Deputy Leader, Aniefiok Dennis

Barr Aniefiok Dennis

The immediate Past Deputy leader of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, Barr Aniefiok Dennis has described as comical the recent allegations by the “All Progressives Congress” that he is plotting to kill her candidate, Mr. Unyime Ekwere.
Aniefiok Dennis who is the PDP candidate for Etinan State Constituency in the forthcoming re-run in the constituency said normally, he wouldn’t have love to respond to or join issues with such cheap, baseless and comical assassination of his character but for unsuspecting members of the public who may wish to believe the concocted information peddled by Etinan “APC” and its agents, he wish to state very clearly that at no time did he plan either by himself or through a proxy to assassinate Mr. Unyime Ekwere.

He called on the “APC” candidate to rather report to security operatives if he is sure of his facts. The PDP candidate speaking further opined that he is not bothered by the many calculated blackmails being targeted at him saying that blackmails are the stock in trade of the “APC”.
In his honest reaction to the allegations of plotting to assassinate the ‘APC’ candidate, Barr Aniefiok Dennis smiled and said, “Do you expect me to join issues with and or concerning Unyime Ekwere?, that will undoubtedly dignify these frivolous allegations, Etinan state constituency will respond with votes for me when the re-run election is fixed.”
Continuing further, he said, gentlemen, I am not surprised over the wild allegations made against me. I am even expecting more from that medium knowing that my brother from APC, Unyime Ekwere is a major stakeholder in that news platform. Let me quickly say that the people of Etinan State constituency know me as a well trained, cultured and responsible person so the allegations by the ‘APC’ that I want to kill Unyime Ekwere is not only comical but nonsensical.”
Barr Dennis who expressed confidence on his chances of victory during the coming re-run said, the boast by my brother, Unyime Ekwere that the APC is in power and therefore will use federal might to win elections in Etinan State constituency is an error and a case of over bloated self ego.
He maintained that Etinan State constituency will not only vote for him and the PDP but will defend their votes. He called on his opponent from ‘APC’ whom he described as his fellow Iman Ibom brother not to see this coming election as a do or die affair, and not to see it as an avenue to raise wild and childish allegations against him as blackmails, lies and propaganda don’t win elections.
Barr Dennis said also that he is happy that the people of Etinan State constituency are an enlightened set of people who can neither be deceived nor mocked and therefore no amount of sponsored blackmails can make the generality of Etinan State Constituency deny him their votes.
“I know the massive support I am getting from the people of my state constituency and I can tell you that my candidacy, my intent to the House of Assembly has gotten the blessings, backing and solidarity of Etinan people of all walks of life and across party divides. My intent to the House of Assembly is an Etinan Project, so the mudslinging on me is the fear of losing election exhibited by my brother Unyime Ekwere” Barr Dennis summarized.   

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