Sunday 4 February 2018


Esther John
(Ibesikpo Asutan)

Since creation, God had chosen all His works of effective representation on earth, to be carried out by men. Such must be those that are trained, tried and prepared for leadership. God's method has always been men....... Competent and trusted ones.

Whereas the principal emphasis in every generation, for any democratic representation that lasts in time and eternity is men.

"I sought for a man among them...." Eze 22:30.
" I have found a man after my heart, amidst the sons of Jesse " Acts 13:22.
"Who shall we send and who will go for us?" Isaiah 6:8.

These are statements from God Himself, at various times and various occasions. Up until now His focused and search remains the same.

For Jesus to be manifested in this world, God sought for a womb in Mary. For the gentiles to be reached effectively, He sought for a man in Saul of Tarsus. To Cornelius' several pleas (with good and several days of fasting), God's answer was "send for a man called peter...... He shall tell thee what thou oughtest to do".

No matter how intense the cries of a people are unto heaven for deliverance or for God's intervention in their precarious situations, He will not do anything until He finds a man to use. On rare occasions, where men were scarce, He had to use an ass. Whenever  there is scarcity of  ready and prepared men, there is scarcity of development, hunger will hit the land and the area will be in dark.

The reason why Uyo federal constituency seems to be neglected and everywhere is dry, is as a result of the fact that,the Federal Constituency has for so long ,lacked men who are ready and prepared for democratic representation, this is the crucial issue of scarcity of usable men.

God has never for once run short of power and glory.... Yet His people languish and waste away under the oppression of their enemies, just because no man has heeded the call: come up hither and let me send you for their deliverance. So whenever God wants to answer the cry of a people, or to solve the problem of a man, all that He looks for is a man He can use. Whenever God is going to visit a land, He raises men.....

The people of Uyo federal constituency is in dying need of a usable man, and the anointed man prepared and trained for leadership, Mr. Ime Uwah, the special assistant to Governor Udom Emmanuel on Branding/Marketing, a man of courage and rare accomplishments, five-star business mogul-cum-politician, is here to reposition the Uyo Federal Constituency.

An indigene of Atan  Offot and a graduate of University of Calabar, one who has a strong will to represent the people of Uyo federal constituency in the national assembly,is who the people should support, and it our earnest's wish that  he should heed to this call, to take up this leadership mantle, and bring back the glory of Uyo Federal Constituency that was long lost.

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