Thursday 28 March 2013

I’ve never met second girl that took pix of me in bed – Davido

In December last year, Dami duro crooner Davido was enveloped in a second lady-in-bed photo scandal with an unnamed girl after the first one involving girl friend Sonia went viral in March while holidaying in  Ghana.
Davido has kept mum on the matter until now when he tells former Big Brother Africa house mate Ebuka Obi Uchendu hosts of TV programme Rubbing Minds that he never knew this girl.
“I was asleep in bed. The girl just snuck in and (makes gesture of taking photograph) I don’t know her. I used to stay in an apartment back then and movement was kind of free. Maybe I didn’t lock the door and she just snuck in and took the pix. I have however moved to my new home where there is much tighter security.

“I didn’t realize what was going on even after the pix was posted online. I traveled to Ghana immediately afterwards and I noticed on the plane people were just staring at me and I wondered why. Since it was a flight my phone was switched off  and so I had no idea what was happening online. When I got to Ghana, I still got the same stare from people. I was asked by friends to switch on my phone and that was it. 300 calls from Dad, 600 calls from grandma, everyone one asking Davido what’s going on.”
Davido claims the girl in question later called his ‘people’ to apologise but then the damage had already been done. He hopes such incidences never occur again as he maintains his resilience to finish his studies, face his music business and continue to be a role model to others.

Source: Vanguard

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