Saturday 22 June 2013

Akpabio in abduction mess, slaps council chairman in night club brawl

This story was suppose to come out today as the banner headline of Sunday Pulse but #MyOgaAtTheTop who because his affiliation with those who are affected in the story stopped the printing of the paper midway. But I’m happy to put up the story here for my readers in 63 different countries of the world. Yes, no Jupiter, I mean nobody can stop me from posting an authentic story on my blog because here I’m the boss. I’m vexed because such a cute cover page (design) as this which I spent a whole day working on could not get to the newsstands. Above is the soft copy of the cover of Sunday Pulse of 23rd June, 2013. Read the story after the cut….

 Governor Godswill Akpabio’s relation and former his former Personal Assistant, Prince Ukpong Akpabio abducted a man simply identified as Uche and slapped Uruan Council Chairman, Mr. Tony Akan in an ensuing night club brawl in the wee hours of Thursday, 20th June, 2013.
The dark-skinned dude was at Play Terrace, a popular exclusive night club for a Wednesday night party. On getting drunk, Prince left his table where he was hanging out with some girls, to another table where he started touching sensitive body parts the girls there. Some of the girls whom he was caressing who knew who he is kept mute without saying no to his advances.
But hell was let loose when one of the girls who didn’t know him too well rebuffed his advances. Prince who is now a political godfather to many in the state was vexed by the lady’s action and in the process started bullying her and ultimately tried to strangle her.
A certain Ekemini who is a close ally of his got punched while trying to rescue the girl from Prince. As it became serious that Prince may strangle the lady to death, an unnamed young man who is in his 20s also went to get the girl off Prince’s fists. It is there he left the lady and took hold of the young man and manhandled him in the process. 
Prince Ukpong Akpabio

In a bid to free the young man, the council chairman of Uruan Local Government Area, Hon. Tony Akan who is Prince’s loyalist got a slap from his intoxicated political godfather, quite to the surprise of this reporter who was physically present at the club.
It was in the process that a certain Uche who works in the club went to report the issue to Captain Iniobong Ekong, who allegedly owns the club but unfortunately he was not found at his office. On returning to the club, Uche got hold of Prince’s hands in order to get the other young man free.
When Prince finally left him, Uche was the next victim as he was manhandled by the Essien Udim born University of Uyo law undergraduate. Prince left the club hall and went downstairs to wait for Uche. When Uche surfaced down, he was ordered by Prince and his police orderlies to enter the boot of his car. Hon. Tony Akan who was still at the scene said the guy did nothing and should not be put in the boot of the car.
Uche was forced in to the boot and was driven to Prince’s house at Ewet Housing. Someone however called a friend of one of Prince’s police orderlies in Port Harcourt and alerted him of the situation. It was then that the Port Harcourt based policeman called his colleague (Prince’s orderly) and told him to release the abducted Uche before the press gets wind of the situation.
Efforts by to get across to Prince Akpabio to comment on the matter proved abortive as his phone line was not going through and an sms sent to the line was not replied before this post was made.


  1. Anybody that sees Akpabio will think its the state governor, so please whenever you tag your headings again kindly specify. I know its a way to attract customers.

  2. You dont just wake up and write what u want bcos its your blog..respect people's privacy n dont seek cheap popularity with these insane informations and allegations

  3. In as much i try to agree with you in your story but also you should be careful about the kind of headline you choose. for example i was captured here thinking the Governor was involved. send messages that are real so people wont stop coming or visiting your blog.

  4. Kindly change the title of this post as it is too sensational, it wasn't the governor that was involved here rather it was his relation. I came here thinking it was the governor that was involved n the brawl. It is a wrong way of pulling traffic to your blog. I know you were probably typing this out of anger but there are some word omissions that may render the report as "beer parlour gossip", re-edit the writeup so as to add credibility to the story and make it more presentable.

    It is unfortunate that these are the kind of people that are wielding political power in Aks. The "power drunk" (no pun intended) man should realise that power is transcient and in a short while someone else will be calling the shots and also that karma is lurking around at the corner. He should issue apologies to the club owner, the ladies he harassed, the girl he strangled, hon Tony Akan, Ekemini and Uche. If i was Uche i will press charges in a law court.

  5. Good job Mr. Editor