Tuesday 6 February 2018


Hon. Michael Enyong 
Nyabuk Eberefiak Jr

Several insinuation has been going around on the political circle of Akwa Ibom State, as regard the Uyo Federal Constituency seat, with the words that the current member of the Parliament is a not performing his duties as it ought and then termed "a sleeping lawmaker". This has brought in mix feelings among political actors, on how to replace him, sponsor people to replace him or conspire to tarnish his Image, just to bring down his reputation, to make him appear unwanted before then people.

The worst thing that can happen to anybody is ignorance, and especially those that don't want to see an emerging light, but are comfortable with darkness, and darkness can never prevail where there is light, because God himself who gives power to leaders to rule over the people is light and not darkness.

How can the people of Akwa Ibom State, Peoples democratic party ( PDP), and Uyo Federal Constituency in particular, see this type of light through the representation of Hon. Michael Enyong ( Baba ntan),and wish to quench?

It is only the gullible followers of lies, propaganda and hatred for the progress of Akwa Ibom State, that can support any other person to run for the House of Representative seat for Uyo Federal Constituency come 2019, than show solidarity, to Hon. Michael Enyong to return for a second term.

It is a pity how lies spread like wild fire, than truth that saves the soul and build the conscience of man. There is this wide speculation that Hon. Michael Enyong since he was elected into the House of Representative has abandoned the people, and has not done anything for his people, and has remain ineffective at the Green chamber, but these are all lies propagated by those that are campaigning for the seat of Federal constituency.

How can the people of Uyo Federal constituency forget so soon, how Hon. Michael Enyong empowered over fifty-four constituents in  March 2016, irrespective of recession in this country? The federal lawmaker during the maiden constituency briefing which was held in Ewet Housing Estate, Uyo on Friday, march 18, 2017, gave out 10 generating sets,10 tricycles, 10 sewing machines, four 18 seater buses, 10 motorcycles, and a cash of 100,000 each to more than ten women from the federal constituency.

One wonders why politicians in Uyo Federal constituency would prefer to tell lies to their followers, than tell them the true position of things as regard the representation of Hon. Michael Enyong, just because they are seeking for his office. How mischievous can some people really be?

Any reasonable person that has been around the politics of Akwa Ibom State, knows how effective Baba Ntan as Uyo House of Representative member is fondly called, has been and his efforts in stabilizing the polity, even as the chairman of the Akwa Ibom State Tourism Board.

In 2011, he contested election for the seat of Uyo Federal constituency and lost, yet remained committed to the party, and supported the party with full loyalty. But the stories making around is not just that he has not given back to the people, but that he abandoned the party, and this is the dumbest thing any person could say, because before he came into politics, he had a carrier and had built himself a reputation. Just last week Baba Ntan gave the chapter 2million naira, he also donated 1.2million to Nsit Atai ward 2. gave a brand new car to a chapter chairman and start up money to a women leader.

Even those that attended the constituency briefing he hosted in March 2016, are also joining in this talk of him being a "sleeping lawmaker",  which I think is ignorance on the part of those that knows nothing about the workings of the legislature, and it saddled responsibilities. His uncommon performance as a lawmaker, made him to be appointed as the chairman of the 15- man committee, saddled with the responsibility to investigate the Accounting Records of Federal inland Revenue service between 2014- 2016, which generated 4.69 Trillion and 3.12 Trillion naira, and reported to the house. This is indeed a huge task that only trusted people can be given such an  opportunity to serve, this is to say that I stand with my conviction that Hon. Michael Enyong is a silent archiver and one that should be trusted.

Except for those doubting Thomas that does not want to see anything good in the representation of Hon. Michael Enyong, but for those with an open mind, it is on record that within nine months of Baba Ntan as the Member representing Uyo Federal constituency, he facilitated the employment of 24 people from the federal constituency into key institutions of government and records has it that about 89 people has been employed and promoted, in CBN 3, NSPM 3, NIS 1, NRS 8 FIRS 20, DPR 5, NAFDAC 15, etc.

The constituency briefing which had Alhaju Damburan Abubakar from Kano,
who spoke on behalf of other lawmakers who attended the briefing was massive, commendable. Prince Uwem Ita Etuk, who also spoke at the briefing was excited about the gestures by the federal lawmaker, he said that since he started politics in 1993, that he has not seen the quantum of empowerment packages given to the people of the federal constituency from a House of representative member as done by Hon.Michael Enyong,and said that his representation was effective.

" My belief is that from this gesture, this federal constituency shall witness the emergence of women millionaires from Uyo, Uruan, Nsit Atai, Ibesikpo Asutan Local Government Areas.
“In the course of my electioneering campaigns, I promised to do everything within my capacity to improve the socio-economic standing of this federal constituency.” This was part of what he said during the constituency briefing, and has since then been empowering the people, buying Jamb forms for students that wants to pursue their educational career, and paying of fees to students.

What more can the people ask for?

The funniest thing is that Michael Enyong is not interested about what is written on the internet or newspapers against him, I feel as an indigene of this federal constituency, I should enlighten the public on this and advised that elections are not won on the pages of newspapers or social media platforms.

One good turn indeed deserves another,and Hon. Michael Enyong needs to return to the House of Representative for a second term, because he had represented the people well, except for those that are on fence judging than coming close to see how he is proving his critics wrong, because during the constituency briefing alone, more than 40million was put on skill acquisition for the people and other things, yet so people are still spreading lies that he has not carried the people along.

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