Friday 27 December 2013

Miss Akwa Ibom, Andino Attah reveals why her car was seized + Why she was almost dethroned…“They wanted me to sleep with men for fast money”

After keeping mute for so long a time, Miss Akwa Ibom, Andino Attah has revealed why she was on the verge of being disgraced out of her throne, divulging further the reason her official car was seized from her.  While putting up an attacking comment on a Facebook post by Daddy-cool Morgan that the court case between Nigeria’s Youngest Editor, Ifreke Nseowo and Captain Iniobong Ekong has been adjourned to January, 2014, the Ibesikpo born beauty queen who was enthroned on September 2012 ended up giving an expose on why she is embattled.  Responding to comments from Promise Etim on why she is attacking Ifreke Nseowo who helped project her career through the media, Miss Attah said she refused to ‘party’ with some old rich men for money as requested by the management. Below are her comments…
“And did you say he protected me from being dethroned?? Hahahahah now that was funny! What did he do??? Please tell me! You don't even know a single thing, you don't know the inside story, from the way you sound, you dnt even know a bit of whatever had happened for you to come here saying Nseowo protected me. Pls kindly tell me how! FYI, the commissioner for culture and tourism retracted the motion after he saw the lies Nsewo printed on the internet and investigations revealed they were set-ups and lies cooked up by the management in a plot to dethrone me due to my refusal to 'party' with some old rich man in port hacourt..(Sadly they needed a prostitute queen, which I wasn't).
“So do not say what you obviously do not know. Thank you my foot! If he was helping me, I dnt believe he would go ahead printing negative stories about me without verifying from me even when he had me as a contact in his phone and even after the truth was revealed, I asked him to kindly take down the story cos whenever my name is googled, even in 100 years to come, that negative story will reflect, he refused. Tell me WHY I shd thank him. Pls get your facts straight before airing your opinions in public, thank you!
“Promise, my name is Andino, not Andiono, as you can clearly see. I didn't have to let the public in on anything and everything @ that time for some reasons. The said man doesn't know me and probably didn't 'want' me as you put it. The people I am refering to were just looking for means of using me in making fast money. And no, that is not our point of target in this arguement.

“I am still asking you yet again to tell me what reason exactly I shd be thanking Nsewo for..?!
If you must know, the trickstars tricked me to Ikot ekpene after I had refused their offer of 'partying' with this old man, claiming I had a courtesy call to discuss my office and projects to a popular government official. Only to waylay me, and forcefully seize my car on the road…”



  1. First and foremost, Nsewo, you and your famous attention seeking bloggers are fond of posting stories about people without proper verification. I actually read that comment thread on facebook and I noticed that you have edited out some comments which she made about how you called her for a verification interview after you had previously printed lies about her individuality. I really wondered what your friend Promise Etim was trying to say, when he said she should have thanked you. For what exactly?? Helping to tarnish her name on the internet? Really? This is just to prove that you aren't an honest person. Apparently you saw that thread, which leaves me to wonder, why didnt you go on there to defend yourself?
    I deeply respect this girl for choosing her self pride over money, not many girls would do that in today's world. For her keeping quiet about the whole affair during her reign as queen cos she understands what the office of the queen stands for and decided not to say a word so it doesn't affect her office and projects. And as a human being, she finally has had enough and has decided to voice out the truth after her tenure, cos she's now a free person.
    I believe this girl has values for her feminity and it is just people like you and those so called managers that pushed her to open up publicly. It takes a strong person to bear such oppression for over a year and be quiet about it.
    If you read this post and delete it, it will only prove your guilt and dis-honesty and God almighty will punish you. Delete it, I'm already munching it and I'll make sure it goes viral.

  2. Hahaha Mr. Blogger, you've ended up doing the exact opposite of what you had in mind. You wanted to give her a negative view abi? U've just ended up praising her to the world.
    You are just an evil bald headed fool. Its quite obvious all those people commenting are your friends and colleagues who would do anything to support your ugly name just because they're ur friends. I love her sarcasm and the way she ignored that stupid Aniekeme Finbarr that ugly goat, like he didn't exist. Funniest fact is that she has turned out to be the most popular Miss Akwa Ibom ever. Read African based magazines, and see what she's been up to, nt just ur ugly local community paper, maybe u'll be more enlightened. She's richer than you'll ever be in your poor and miserable but short life. Go to the Federal Ministry of Environment and the office of the senate president and find out what she's up to and the money she's in and the ride she drives now. Stupid pauper. Instead of thinking of how to complete your education frm uniuyo, u're here blogging crap. Blog your bank account let's see. Olodo buruku.

  3. Shine on Queen, we love you. The most popular miss akwa ibom. As for you Ifreke, may u die a slow and painful death. Bye.

  4. The boy ma sef wowo. Choose a different career biko, blogging no fit you.
    TUALE to miss akwa ibom, we need more girls like you around. #bless

  5. Nigga's oweing money??? Hahaha nigga u shud beg her majesty, maybe she'll dash you a little something to pay off your debt and keep the change. I meant to tell you, your mouth odour eh, u shud do smting abt it. You cud b suffering frm halitosis.. Do dat b4 u blog nonsens abt smbdy again.

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  7. Very nice, warm and forgiving lady. I'm very certain the people making negative comments about her don't know her personally.