Tuesday 19 June 2012

BBA Stargame update: Zimbabwe’s Housemates Maneta & Roki Disqualified!

Zimbabwe’s Starmates Maneta and Roki have been disqualified from the StarGame for contravening the Big Brother house rules.
The two had a fight earlier on during which Roki poured water on Maneta’s head and she apparently poured cleaning fluid on his face thus inflicting harm on him meaning that both face the axe from the game.
Biggie gathered all housemates in the lounge where he read a brief to them. He said that he had warned the two in vain, Biggie also reminded Maneta that she at one time threatened to stab fellow countryman Roki. A decision to disqualify the two Zimbabweans was reached at and Biggie announced that both had been disqualified and therefore they were to pack their bags immediately.
The rules are very clear, housemates are not supposed to inflict any sort of harm to themselves as well as other housemates. Housemates are also not allowed to provoke or influence fellow housemates as this leads to violence therefore a housemate will disqualified on the above grounds.
Roki was the first to pack his bags, he said his good byes and exited through the store room, however, he was teary amid all this though he tried coping with situation at hand and so was Prezzo because he could not bear the fact that his right hand man was unfortunately leaving the house immaturely.
Keitta could not believe it when Biggie announced the disqualification as he continued lamenting: “No Biggie, no no …” Goldie was also emotional as she wailed and hugged Roki.
Maneta who was confined in the diary room at the moment was also told to go and pack her bags, Junia and Barbz helped her but when Keagan was called to give a hand, he didn’t come through so it’s only the girls who struggled with the heavy bags.
This is the second disqualification in Upville, DKB and Zainab were recently disqualified after Zainab provoked DKB and the latter slapped her in the face, both have since issued apologies to their fans.


Source | Bigbrotherafrica.com

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