Tuesday 19 June 2012

Chelsea break Champions League trophy handle, 3 staff suspended

This is funny. Is it because they haven’t won it before or what? It’s funny and embarrassing as well. If about 400 staff of Chelsea want to hold the trophy and take pictures, tell me why it won’t it break? Read after the cut what Dailymail wrote:
Three members of Chelsea's staff have been suspended after the Champions League trophy was damaged.
One of the handles was left hanging off after the three security personnel posed for pictures with the trophy to show off to friends.
Although it was returned to its original position, a member of staff noticed the damage the following day and reported it to club officials.
The Champions League winners immediately sent the trophy to a London silversmith for emergency repairs following the incident at Stamford Bridge, which happened when the staff were outside their normal shift hours.
Chelsea confirmed the site visit was unauthorised and that they did not have permission to be in the building out of hours.
The club's chief executive Ron Gourlay is conducting an internal investigation.
It is a huge embarrassment just weeks after the team finally achieved owner Roman Abramovich's ambition of winning the most illustrious competition in European club football.
Despite the significance of the trophy, it was not locked away when one of the handles was broken.
Most clubs put the trophy on display in a secure cabinet for supporters to pose for pictures but Chelsea have been passing it around various departments at Stamford Bridge in recognition of the hard work of the club's 400 employees during their Champions League run.
A club spokesman said: 'The trophy was accidentally damaged while pictures were being taken. It was minor damage and has already been repaired. We don't make comment on staff matters.'

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