Tuesday 27 August 2013

BBA: Uti Nwachukwu congratulates Dillish, thumbs up Melvin!!

It is no news that popular actor, model and former BBA winner, Uti Nwachukwu canvassed for votes for Melvin Oduah during the just concluded #BBATheChase. But after his friend Melvin failed to pick the top, Uti has come out to congratulate the eventual winner, Dillish while celebrating Melvin for his never say die spirit. Below is what he wrote..

I will still CELEBRATE MELVIN ODUAH! As I said before..his story is so inspirational! 'NEVER GIVE UP' is what I've learned from him! A man is as Worthless as dry bones the minute He stops TRYING! In the Words of Aaliyah : " if at first you don't succeed, Dust yourself off and TRY AGAIN, you can dust it off and TRY AGAIN TRY AGAIN" So let no one be Discouraged.. God has a way of FINALLY compensating his children in ways Far more worth than what we humans are capable of..and HE ALONE shall Take ALL THE GLORY.
He has gone down in History as the BEST BEHAVED BBA HOUSEMATE of ALL TIME. Mark my words:- sit back and watch the amazing OfFERS roll in for him! And before you get all emotional and say it was fixed.. It Wasn't! BBA is arguably the most credible reality show in Africa. There were 3 west Africans in the house which led to massive splitting of votes hence, the bottom 3. So Hey remember we prayed that above all God's perfect will be done. So smile and be happy we got this far.

To all who poured in their time and energy to vote! I say a Big thank You! May your helpers locate you amen. You have shown people everywhere that when we make up our minds,Nothing can stop us! He got the Nigerian vote and that has to mean something! Thank YOU!
What I find disappointing tho is those of you who changed tones immediately.Creating insulting Dp's and nasty BC's in an attempt to mock the young man for his efforts. Even some senior colleagues whom I respected so much until now(Not surprised tho.They are part of reason for the disturbing state of this country and continent) Joined in! Know this: God can Never start what He does not Finish and will Never bring shame to the Humble,Kind Peacemakers!(Hope u remember their blessings???) Its amazing how people come out in numbers to insult on social media and blogs, but not even a quarter of these come out to show Love and support. Some that never campaigned once were the first to broadcast shameful messages in an attempt to make jest of the situation. Very disturbing. We need to change o! I have decided to block, delete and ignore everyone who makes offensive/xenophobic/hate statements on my social media accounts and phones. No matter how close a friend you are to me. THIS HAS TO STOP!! ZERO tolerance from now on!
Ever wonder why you remain poor&stagnant? Its cos of this attitude. Learn to Celebrate and Encourage others regardless of their situations.
CONGRATS TO DELISH!, you earned it!!!! and Africa rewarded you. WE ARE PROUD OF YOU as you also conducted yourself with Dignity and Self respect!!! WE LOVE YOU BABE! Now go buy yourself that house and enjoy the rest of your Life! It only gets better from here! You are Blessed! *hug&kiss*

My Name is UTI NWACHUKWU winner BBA allstars and I am proud to be a SUPPORTER OF MELVIN!

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