Wednesday 21 August 2013

Meet Mfon, our multilingual music phenomenon

I open the door to the life of a Songwriter, Singer, Rhythm Guitarist and Music Composer/Producer-Mfon. Mfon is a phenomenon the world is yet to discover, that is if Nigeria allows natives of other countries to take her away in appreciation of her talents and understanding of languages.

With a vocal prowess compared to non, her renditions of folk, jazz and soul music is mind blowing and soul lifting, as they dwell on life, love, peace, harmony, motivation and inspiration. Mfon sings in the two major global languages; English and French. She also sings in Efik-Ibibio, Yoruba, including Fon and Ewe from the Republic of Benin.
For those who have had their ears on the ground, Mfon is not new in the music ministry, she has only been bus with her 9-5 job, and trips abroad. It has a been a busy period for her during the last quarter,
performing at functions with top notch guest in Nigeria, UK and USA. She retuned to Nigeria after the summer trip and she is set to drop the video of 'Touche Ma Vie' a song where she creatively blends 3
languages to the universal language of music, to pass a love note.

Enjoy the audio HERE

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