Thursday 9 February 2012


The above picture shows Mr. Charles Oputa a.k.a Charley Boy posing nude. Whether this is for a magazine or whatever, I can’t tell but finds this disgusting because Charley Boy is over 50 years and he is still behaving like a teenager. Oh, may be his name Charley Boy is affecting him. He should change it to Charley Man if that will make him grow up.

Of recent, Charley Boy has been seen carrying skull (I can’t verify if it is that of human) to Nigerian Idols where he is one of the judges and I ask if this is the kind of person Nigerian Idol should make a judge of the reality TV show. The judges of the show should of course be good role models.


  1. since people have refused to make God our standard and families show their children the way to Christ via studying God's word, thats what you get. A bundle of misleading creatures, parading the papers in the name of celebrities. Gays and homosexuals, we are surely at the end of the tunnel of life

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