Thursday 16 February 2012


Those who are conversant with happenings in the Nigerian movie industry will recall that actress Nse Ikpe-Etim left Nollywood some years back after featuring in a few films.

The Akwa Ibom State born pretty babe moved to the Federal Capital Territory where she spent many years trying her hands in other endeavours.But three years ago,talented producer,Emem Isong,forwarded the script of her award winning film entitled Reloaded to Nse who came out of hiatus and made a sensational come back to Nollywood.
In these past three years,Nse has starred in almost all the films that Emem Isong has produced and their bond is very strong.

However,late last year,top actress Monalisa Chinda who is a close pal of Isong and co-owner of Royal Arts Academy reportedly had a clash with Nse that reportedly brought her friendship with Ms. Etim to an end.It has been discovered that since the development took effect,Ms. Etim seems to have detached herself from the clique and this has been made clear as she has been absent at all the events hosted by her former clique of friends since the last quarter of 2011,an action that was never noticed before when the going was good.

It has equally been discovered that Nse has stopped appearing in movies done by Emem Isong and Monalisa Chinda and was not one of the cast of the new soap opera the duo launched few weeks ago.

Insiders squealed that as it was Emem Isong that brought Nse back to Nollywood and going by their closeness,there was no way she would not have featured in the soap titled Catwalq if their relationship was still intact as she is a very good actress.

Now,everyone is looking forward to seeing how Nse and her godmother settle their rift.


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