Sunday 29 April 2012

Mya K awarded two scholarships in UK

Time out with Mya K in Nigeria is always short and precious as she has to touch different states in Nigeria anytime she is on a short break from school. On her last trip last month, she hinted press men about the double scholarship she was awarded in the United Kingdom. One is in her regular primary school, while the other is in her music school.

I am sure the school authorities must have observed with keen interest her rapid development in the art, and her ability to blend both studies with the pursuit of her musical career which is quite demanding.It will be recalled that Mya K was in Nigeria late 2011 and asides recording of tracks, shooting of her videos, and promotions, she also organized a media parley with who is who in the entertainment sector in the South of Nigeria. Talents imbedded in the little girl even got the attention of the executive Governor of Akwa Ibom state, and she was invited to dine with the first family in the state on Christmas eve.

She also met with the Cross River State Governor& wife amongst others on Dec 29. Her first single 'I'll Survive' is getting serious airplay across the country and her fast rising popularity has made her to be considered alongside Pastor Abel Damina's singing trio, Triple J Plus to grace the cover of the children's day special edition of E-101 Magazine. Congratulations girl, you are really running things!

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