Wednesday 4 April 2012

Uko Etuk, CEO of Degree 360 magazine is 29 !!!

Uko Etuk, the CEO, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of highly rated magazine, Degree 360 today added another year to his age which made him one short of 30.
Though the name Uko Etuk may not be as widely known as Dele Mommodu;Ovation, Uduak Odouk;Ladybrille, Linda Johnson Rice;Ebony magazine(s) but his accomplishment speaks volumes. Like the Sun,his life illuminates and inspires many.

In the words of Louis XIV " Because of the light it shines on the other stars which makeup a kind of court around it,because of the just and equal distribution of its rays to all alike,because of the good it brings to all places,producing life,joy and action,because of its constancy from which it never varies, I chose the sun as the most magnificent image to represent a great leader", those lines captures the true person of Uko Etuk esq.
A beautiful monday it was,the 4th of April 1983,a second child but the first male was born into the family of Chief&Mrs A.W.Etuk, and they named him~Uko,literally meaning Bravery. Little did they know that he will someday outlive his name. A native of Eket in Akwa Ibom state,Uko is the second child  in the family of seven where family values and Godly precepts is held in high esteem.
Uko has a great passion and zeal towards whatever he sets out to do. He holds a degree from Alliance Francaise,paris France, Law degree from the University of Uyo LL.B and is about to add more degrees as he has enrolled in East London University,London,UK for LL.M.
Some people grow under the wings and achievements of their parents but Uko has a different view to life and living. A lawyer by training but a lover of entertainment, Uko Etuk started Degree360magazine; a social & entertainment magazine,what has grown to become one of the best entertainment magazine south-south Nigeria,and across the continent.
Living in a time where youth involvement in politics is the order of the day,he aspired to be heard but differently. Niccolo Machiavelli said " it must be considered that there's nothing more difficult to carry out, nor more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to handle, than to initiate a new order of things".  Knowing all these, he had made up his mind to succeed. So he ventured into what others call uncertainty because he saw and knew where he was going.
Uko is not all about business, as he is a very sensual person which shows in the goodwill he builds for himself and the Degree360 brand. Travelling,meeting new and exciting people are his hobbies. To unwind,Uko hits the cinemas to see a movie.
The Degree360 CEO has not only succeeded in building a brand to be reckon with but has also helped and inspired others live their Dreams,he hasn't only made money but succeeded in giving other people a means to living the good life.
At 29,Uko Etuk has made a name not only for himself but for generations yet to come. I strongly believe Addidas never knew they were describing him when they made an advert that said "Impossible is nothing"
Truly Uko Etuk esq is a SUN KING

Dele Momodu of Ovation Magazine endorsing Degree 360

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