Monday 3 December 2012

Akwa Ibom Ayaya singer, Mish sacks manager

Mishael Meshach, the singer of ‘Akwa Ibom Ayaya’ popularly known as Mish has sacked his manager. learnt on good authority from a close source to the hunky dude that Etim Essang a.k.a ETI who served as the Mish’s manager for over a year was relieved of his duties by the popular musician. Our source divulged that the duo have parted ways for some weeks now.

“Mish has sacked ETI as his manager. Mish feels his manager wasn’t doing his job. The last issue that made Mish took the decision of ousting him is that the two videos that he shot recently are taking too much time to come out. The video of ‘Every Woman is Beautiful’ was shot in US while Patrick Ellis also shot a new video for ‘Akwa Ibom Ayaya’.  The reason for doing a new video for ‘Akwa Ibom Ayaya’ is for it to be played on cable music channels. But the videos are taking too much time before it is released; it could be that the directors are busy. Mish has gotten infuriated by this and feels it is the work of his manager to expedite action for the release of the videos, leading to him giving ETI the boot”.

Mish with ETI

As we dug deep, here is the information we got from another source who is close to ETI. “I’m not supposed to tell you this because both have decided not to make it public, not to talk of making it an issue on blogs and social media. But the truth be told, Mish wanted ETI to be with him 24hours, following him to every place he goes to. As you know, ETI is a broadcaster, he is like the person in-charge of Lunch Hour Show on all the FRCN stations in South-South. As a result, his job as a broadcaster was suffering a lot. As for the videos that were shot, especially the one by Patrick Ellis, ETI wasn’t directly involved in the deal. The deal for the video shoot wasn’t brokered by ETI who is his manager. Since Mish was dealing directly with the video director, why should he then blame ETI when there is a delay in the release”, said our source.

We’ll bring you more details, especially when we are able to get comments from the duo.

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