Thursday 6 December 2012

[Feature] Celebrating a Bountiful Harvest with Ibom Christmas Carnival

Carnivals have come to stay in Akwa Ibom state, with the one time Green & White Carnival and the annual Orange Carnival leading the pack. Now, Local Government Areas in Akwa Ibom State are beginning to tap into the benefits that abound in tourism promotion and destination marketing using events like carnivals. Towing this line, on Saturday, December 1st, it was the turn of Ibiono Ibom people to stage a unique Cultural Carnival, this was historic for the people of the biggest Local Government Area in West Africa, quite an admirable number of bands and personalities turned up to honor them, hereby bringing about economic benefits in the lives of the indigenes .
After Ibiono Ibom, aluminum city- Ikot Abasi and oil rich city of Eket will be agog as their people roll out the drums both on the 21st of December 2012 for their own carnivals.
Above all, no carnival has met the demands of the people of the state from all districts and tribes.
What happens when everybody deserts Uyo for other cities during Christmas? It becomes a graveyard, and our ever-busy plaza becomes as quite as ever, allowing the beauty and serenity of Nigeria’s fattest growing city to come to bare.

Ibom Christmas Carnival-The Mother of all Carnivals

To salvage the situation and quench the entertainment thirst of the people is Ibom Christmas Carnival, scheduled for Saturday, December 22nd. Ibom Christmas Carnival is referred to as the mother of all carnivals in Akwa Ibom. Designed to celebrate the success and achievements as a people, with participants drawn from all local governments, streets and creeks, in the state, this will further unite the people of Akwa Ibom during Christmas creating an alternative entertainment/recreational activity to entertain the populace during the yuletide season.
Ibom Christmas Carnival is a Christmas celebration for Akwa Ibom people by Akwa Ibom People, featuring Carnival Float with different bands and brands, Exhibition of the Natural Resources, Culture and Talents in the state via the carnival and a Carnival Concert thereafter.
The people of Akwa Ibom from all sectors will be represented as bands, i.e-Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria, Dee Jays Association in Akwa Ibom, Ibom Actors Forum, and Student Union Government of higher institutions of learning, Cultural & Socio-Political groups from within and outside the state.
All bands will have a color theme; all bands will be led by a King, & Queen, as the carnival float will be streamed /broadcast live on the internet and on local/cable TV stations.
After the Ibom Christmas Carnival is train returns, E-101 Magazine & Atlantic FM will anchor a Christmas Concert at PlayGROUND featuring top music and movie stars.

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