Wednesday 3 July 2013

[COMING SOON] First ever Calabar focused blog

Welcome to paradise…Welcome to Canaan… Welcome to Calabar- Destination Cross River. Welcome to Calabar- Africa’s most peaceful city. That’s is the warm welcome you should expect on arrival in the city, or at the first ever Calabar focused an online magazine which showcases the best of Efik culture, traditional marriages, Music, Menu, Movies, Media, Personalities, Fashion, and Events.

The testimonies of how the internet has made life easy constantly increases exponentially, which has brought about a revolution in the way human beings carry out their tasks and live their lives daily; from shopping, to flight bookings, hotel reservations, money transfer and more. is dedicated to every indigene or resident of the city, to preserve the culture of the people, to unite for progress home or abroad, the site will provide every information about who, where and when what happens in the city, and in some cases how, not forgetting those in the diasporas.
Eyen Calabar means ‘Calabar Kid’ or Calabar Person’ it is coined from the Efik word eyen- meaning child, or person implied. Effiom lived all his life in Calabar; “I been born for this Canaan…I been school for this Canaan” some lines from the monster hit ‘eyen calabar’ by Effiom Trombone released in 2012 and which later became some sort of anthem for every indigene or resident of Nigeria’s most peaceful city- Calabar.
Little wonder he is the face of; from growing up playing the brass instrument ‘Trombone’ in Calabar, as a band boy with the Nigerian Navy after secondary, and later Tertiary education at the then Polytechnic Calabar, Effiom grew up to horn his music skills, until he was discovered by South-South’s most revered musician- Mista Xto, after which he was made manager of the South Central Records & Band in Calabar.
Effiom is now referred to Eyen Calabar 1, as the most active musician in the state, his band; South Central is always busy every other weekend, playing top functions in Cross River, and environs.  When it comes to music, society and lifestyle, there is no other authority reliable enough to speak about music in the nation’s paradise other than the Chairman of Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria in Cross River state-Effiom Trombone. is powered by South Central Communications.

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  1. This is an excellent and effort worth commending. With many more voices like this in the region we can succeed in selling our people and their talents to the rest of the country.
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