Monday 8 July 2013

E4 PR boss, Egor Efiok reacts to Actress Susan Peters’ alleged misbehavior at Presidential Villa

Click HERE to read the story where Actress Susan Peters purportedly embarrassed her self at Fascinating Nigeria held at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, last week. E4 PR CEO, Egor Efiok a.k.a Boss Lady was invited to the event by the presidency and she decided to go there with some of her Nollywood friends including Susan and Oge Okoye. Below is Egor’s press statement reacting to the story….

This story was first brought to my attention last night by Susan Peters on BBM and I initially didn't fully grasp what she was talking about. Usually, when I deduce that it's gossip or something irrelevant, I ignore and don't go back to that chat box. I do a million things all at once and always get distracted, so I hardly have time to do lengthy chats; anyone that knows me will testify to this.

I missed my flight back to London and was already irritated by this when a journalist sent me a message and I finally got the full gist. I have deliberately stayed away from social network for over a month now and have been too busy to entertain anything negative...until now.

I normally would not respond to the likes of and this response isn't to them, but to the reputable journalists and sites out there. Just like husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, friends etc have misunderstandings and privately sort them out, is the same way I'd expect celebrities to. It is classless and vindictive for people to go and divulge information to the public, especially when they cannot boldly come out and say they were witnesses to whatever they are claiming to have happened. So, to the people peddling these stories, please name your source(s), as the truth has been severely distorted.

I also want to use this opportunity to set the record straight on some misconceptions. I have seen some sites refer to me as this person or that person's publicist. Not all the celebs you see me encourage or give publicity are legally with E4 PR. They have NEVER paid me a dime to promote them, I am just someone that has a good heart and people are beginning to take advantage of this. If you have been paying attention closely since 2009, you will know who the REAL E4 PR stars are, as my loyalty towards them has NEVER wavered. Real stars are naturally classy and you can tell who they are; it is the freeloaders that always court negative publicity and I'm fed up of them dragging the good name of E4 PR to the mud!

I will end this by apologizing to the public and the REAL E4 PR stars for this latest embarrassment. I will continue to have a good heart, for this is the way that God has made me. However, I have to take drastic measures to prevent a re-occurrence of the latest drama. E4 PR will no longer promote certain people, as they have made E4 PR even need re-branding for trying to re-brand them for FREE. I will conspicuously cut myself off from these people. I rest my case.

Stay blessed.

Egor Efiok.

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  1. seems all the press this lady is in sake a few are about her slipping tongue, falling over or staking claim to others glory.... eeesh