Wednesday 3 July 2013

Why you should Vote Eve Esin for City People Award

The ethics of the journalism profession does not allow for one-sidedness and bias reports, but I think I can break the rules for super actress Eve Esin and point it out to you that she deserves the City People Award for Best Supporting Actress. Before you continue reading this story to know the reasons, just pause, pick your other phone, and text EVE ESIN to 33121 (I know you are a Nigerian and you have two phones or more (in FELA’s voice).

Eve is a talented actress, she switches moods and roles comfortably either playing the lead or supporting role, a flip through the list of movies she has done within the year under review proves me right, and she has in almost all cases helped to bring out the best of who ever she is paired with or supporting.
Lastly and most importantly, I have a crush on her, and she tells me we can’t meet or go on a date because she is always on location, in Asaba, Owerri, Enugu, Accra, Johannesburg, New York, (Wake up from my dream). Girlfriend is such a busy actress and much sought after.
I know you are stubborn and probably didn’t pause to send the message and I am not so surprised, well, the story is over, text EVE ESIN to 33121 to vote her for City People Award for Best Supporting Actress 2013.

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