Wednesday 3 July 2013

Meet Egor Efiok: The Woman that took Gov. Akpabio to Hollywood

Governor Akpabio’s support for entertainment and entertainers is no more news to those who have been following the news closely, the most recent being his redemption of his N50 million pledge to the Zik Zulu led Nollywood Association of movie stars, a grant we hope they use well.
In November 2012, Egor single handedly nominated Governor Godswill Akpabio for the revered HOLLYWWOD WEEKLY AWARDS, which guaranteed an automatic appearance in Hollywood Weekly Magazine, are you surprised?…here’s the gist- On a cover starring legendary Quincy Jones and Nick Canon after 2012 America’s Got Talent show, there goes Governor Godswill Obot Akpabio (CON) on the cover of a Hollywood Weekly Magazine, with inside pages carry his profile, and the on-going uncommon transformation agenda unfolding in Akwa Ibom, also stating his nomination for the prestigious award, in acknowledgement and appreciation of his support for Nollywood and Entertainment in Nigeria.

As a journalist of Akwa Ibom origin, Egor touched my soft spot, here was I, wondering why there was nobody to represent the Governor at such international event, to receive an award zenith of an industry where he has practiced as a DJ and is currently supporting. I was also wondering if at all the news got to him, and I still can’t come to terms with that, but of course, I hope the Honorable Commissioner of Information or the Governors’ Chief Press Secretary reads this.
Nelson with Egor

Public Relation (PR) is not just a service, but an art, and only a few who are gifted know and understand the rudiments of the profession. Fashionable, creative and innovative- Egor Efiok is one of them, CEO Lady boss (as she is fondly called) is such a busy publicist that has made many actors and actresses a household name in Nigeria and beyond, now, she is the most sought after Nigerian PR & resource person in Hollywood.
She sits on top of E4PR Limited, a name derived from her initials- Egoriomare Efiok Eyo Efiok. E4PR is a Talent Management & Brand Marketing Communications consulting company based in London, with branches in the United States of America and Nigeria.  She handles reputation management for Monalisa Chinda, Desmond Elliot, Chioma Chukwuka, Susan Peters, Ejike Asiegbu and award winning make-up artist- Princess Amayo.
Egor was in the news recently for writing a lengthy open letter to faceless online bullies, some of which had bounced on her client and friend- Oge Okoye, when asked, she preferred not to talk about it, ‘my brother, there’s no point sitting here out of our busy schedule to talk about folks with a small Nokia Phone who just go online to say rubbish about Nigerian talents who work hard to promote their talents and make a name’.
In a view to strengthen the marriage between Nollywood & Hollywood, and place the Nigerian talents at par with their counterparts in Hollywood, Egor is currently on tour of major Nigerian cities to promote her movie ‘Turning Point’ showing in cinemas nationwide.  In the midst of her busy schedule and trips abroad, she gave a sneak preview into her world during a wonderful timeout at THE FILMHOUSE- Marina Resort, Calabar, where she spoke about Nollywood, how she sticks her neck out for the talents whose interest she represents , how she ‘took Governor Akpabio to Hollywood’, and other sundry issues.
 “I was moved by his magnanimity, I have heard about so many top notch entertainment events hosted in Uyo, the capital of Akwa Ibom, and so many movie premieres he has supported, talk less of his entertainment related projects like the Ibom Tropicana that will bring about a boom for entertainment in Akwa Ibom state in the near future. I am not from Akwa Ibom, neither a sycophant and I have not met the Governor before, but his works speak for him, and that is the kind of person I am, I like my works to speak for me”.
So when I found myself consulting and writing literature for the Holywood journal, I didn’t hesitate or make a mistake to nominate Governor Akpabio for the Hollywood Weekly Best Supporting African Governor Award, hereby making him the 1st African Governor to ever appear on such magazine, and be given such honor and award’ Egor stressed.
 “Today is not a speech making day”, I take my stand as a member of the Jury in the Entertainment Court, and I am of the notion that if Governor Akpabio’s strides and support for entertainment is not going unnoticed, then Egor Effiok shouldn’t go unnoticed, as she recommended the former to the international and peak of movies and entertainment in the world.
Here is what she had to say “I felt very bad when he didn’t show up for the award, I was wondering what went wrong, letters and been sent early enough, and I believe his aides should have seen such effort” Howevere, the award is still there at the Hollywood Weekly office in USA, and I hope he receives it someday, Egor concluded.

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