Saturday 5 August 2017

N1.2bn budgeted for new lodge in Lagos is paltry - Udom

Governor Udom Emmanuel has described as paltry, the N1.2bn approved by the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly for the new governor’s lodge in Ikoyi, Lagos. He made this declaration on Saturday while speaking with reporters in Government to clear the air on the controversial proposed project, CONNOISSEUR reports.  

“Let me correct one mistake. Budget is a public document. It is only when people try to change what is in the public document it is no more any other thing rather than mischief because what we have in the budget is just a paltry N1.2b. it is a paltry sum. Let me also say here, I keep telling people there can only be one right man. And God give direct visions to the right leaders at every point in time. I think at this moment, I need to let those who do not know to know that Akwa Ibom has a lot of unused properties in Lagos. You go to Broad Street, Campbell Street, Victoria Island, Ikoyi,…unused properties everywhere. You cannot build any asset anywhere and allow those assets to lie waste. Assets supposed to generate revenue but there are certain conditions you must put that asset into to generate maximum returns. It is not a function of where the asset is located. People say, oh, have you finished building Akwa Ibom, why are you going to Lagos? I did not put those assets there. Those assets have been there since the beginning of Akwa Ibom. Some of those assets were shared to Akwa Ibom when the state was created. The question is, do we allow those assets to lie waste? What will speak of a business man like me to allow those assets lie waste? This is a government that is trying to drag investments all over the world. When we are in Lagos, will Akwa Ibom people feel proud for me to host consular generals, investors in those kind of dilapidated buildings? What will it speak of the state?”

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  1. This is rubbish, it's so unfortunate that we the Akwa Ibomites are here.