Friday 4 August 2017

Rev. Patrick Edet: I prophesied that my brother would be the first Army General from Oro Nation

Mr. Patrick Edet who resigned as a Reverend Father few days ago has said he stood as a man in the gap in his family and prophesied that his brother would become the first General in the Nigerian Army from Oro Nation. He made this known in his live radio program on Planet 101.1FM. More below…

“I am a personal testimony. I have seen God move in my family. Not necessarily because I have been a Catholic priest but because I accepted the responsibility of standing in the gap from the first day in 1991 that I experienced God. I prayed for my brother, then a lieutenant in the Army. I had a covenant with God and I had that covenant with him (my brother) that you will be the first army general from Oro Nation and several years after, my brother is now a Major General in the army. I come to know one thing, if someone stands in the family and talks to God, God visits that family. My personal experience and story gives me a mission to my people that we can turn things around in this nation.
“I just love this freedom and I am grateful. This freedom is not freedom about anything. It is actually a foolish freedom. But it is actually a freedom of throwing away everything you’ve ever had just to have one thing. The freedom to have God, to serve God and have God in your heart without feeling the guilt and being in fear because of people’s opinion and judgment.”

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