Saturday 19 May 2012

Mista Xto speaks on ILLUMUNATI

Mista Xto, unarguably one of the biggest musicians to come out of Akwa-Cross has bared his mind on the growing popularity of Illuminati, especially among Nigerian entertainers.

In a message to, the music ‘don’ said “every other day someone sends me a message about how ILLUMINATI, whatever that means is eating into the industry and seeming to be behind every major  musical success of the last two decades and why I shouldn’t buy or even listen to certain artistes whose songs promote the devil”.

He however blamed the trend on some multinationals who have failed empower and give endorsement deals to artistes. “I hope I don’t look too stupid to some dudes, because they simply are promoting the benefits of becoming an illuminati and it seems to me that while the devil’s worshippers are promoting the devil, God’s worshippers as usual are stingy, selfish and lukewarm. If the devil is churning out superstars to sing his praise, why can’t God’s worshippers give mega endorsement deals to non devil worshipping artists? Why have mega churches not promoted some of the gifted singers in their folds?

“Don’t we have God’s people as heads of multinationals, as heads of multi-billion bucks advertising agencies or heads of states, who will sing for God and how far can they go without the hype and the dough? Those who do not know God are buying into the devil’s hype and it is not their fault, it is because God’s people are not interested in encouraging God’s singers. In the end, God is not losing but God’s people are”, said the Oron-born music star.

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