Sunday 11 November 2012

[Profile + Download] Akwa Ibom Boy by Shalom

When you hear the Hebrew word shalom, what comes to your mind is the bible or the English translation of the word “PEACE”…but here we are talking about none of that! Shalom here, is one new breed of Nigerian musician, with an eclectic sound.  Born, Titus Uwana Udofot on August 15th. 
His journey into music began at age ten, little Shalom joined the senior choir in his church as the youngest addition to the group, though young in age, he was unarguably one of the best tenor the church had, his early found love for music grew so strong into his teenage years, he began the melody makers, an eight man accapella group. Their popularity soared beyond the four walls of the high school when it began, they did gigs like pros, he said… they were booked for different performances, from weddings to conventions and even government functions, but the group could not keep it together  after graduation, this development led to Shalom's fresh journey into music as a solo artiste.

Today the fair skinned singer has matured into a full blown young man ready to take on the music industry armed with good songs and talent; he earlier dropped singles like Nwayioma and Curves with videos and a charged spirit gearing to make imprints in the sands of the music industry.

His single entitled ‘Akwa Ibom Boy’ has been banging on radio stations across the country.

Download Akwa Ibom Boy

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