Wednesday 10 August 2016

Top 20 lies told by Buhari’s government in one year

1. Jonathan sends Anyaoku to beg Buhari on his behalf.
2. Jonathan emptied the treasury.
3. Buhari sells of 9 presidential jets.
4. Dieziani Madueke bought first class ticket to plead with Buhari not to probe her.
5. One minister stole $6billion under GEJ. US senator told me that a minister stole $6billion under Jonathan.
6. Buhari orders arrest of his wife’s younger brother.
7. Buhari’s achievement in three weeks is more than Jonathan’s 6 years achievement.
8. GEJ loots $40billion, $20billion, $10billion and $30billion.
9. GEJ travelled to see Obama with 545 delegates but Buhari went with just 33.
10. Within one month, Buhari revamp the refineries.
11. GEJ is the 6th richest African president.
12. GEJ invented Boko Haram to reduce Northern population.
13. Nigeria is polio free, thanks to Buhari.
14. GEJ is the reason Buhari could not assemble his cabinet for 6 months.
15. (a) GEJ did not buy a single weapon to fight Boko Haram. (b) GEJ bought substandard and outdated weapons.
16. Don’t forget Buhari built all the 4 refineries in the Nigeria today.
17. GEJ seeking asylum in Ivory Coast.
18. EFCC finds over N2.5billion in account of Stella Oduah’s maid.
19. Jonathan is responsible for the Nigeria’s economy that is on a recession.
20. Jonathan, Tompolo, Akpabio, Dokpesi etc sponsoring NigerDelta Avengers.

I have actually lost count of these lies. Please help add the ones you remember!!!

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