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The year 2011 has come and gone but there are many moments and people that will not be forgotten in a hurry. These people made the state thick in various aspects of life, especially entertainment, sports, and politics in the year under review. Mr. Aniekeme Finbarr, the self-styled Prime Minister of the Airwaves, Quintessential Sports Consultant, a one-time columnist with Community Pulse, and the key presenter of BushHouse Nigeria used his Facebook page to highlight some of the people and things he feels made 2011 thick. He does it in a descending order and we take it from number 20 to 10. He calls it Facebook Awards. 

 #20 Radio Station of the Year: Atlantic 104.5Fm - They landed in the state early in the year with a loud bang, offering a refreshing taste to Modern Broadcasting with popular and people oriented programs. Their Presenters are World Class!
Radio Nigeria
#19.TV Station Of the Year: AKBC TV - Otherwise christened "Akpabio Broadcasting Corporation" for obvious reasons, the station unarguably retained its Big Brother status as d ultimate in TV Broadcasting. Covering all grounds & providing shelter for Independent Producers to Ventilate their creative prowess !  

 #18.Radio Programme of the Year: JOLLY JOLLY (Atlantic Fm) - This show was followed with catholic religiosity all through the year. Done in Pidgin English and devoid of any air of Elitism, the common man found a compelling platform to interact on burning societal issues. The presenters - Family Man, MC Spinosky, Emma Solution, et al brought loads of quality, flair and sense of humour to the table. A listener's delight anytime.

Family Man

 #17 RADIO PRESENTER OF THE YEAR: Eshiet Rockyfeller Nsudo – He dubs himself the inter-continental, rap consultant, extra-terrestrial, numero uno, and the music industry’s gate-keeper. To borrow his words, he brings infectiously glamourous enthusiasm to the Microphone Game. His Star Show, Afternoon Ride measures with any of its kind in the world. His ability to bring on Big Stars on the Show & his uncanny command of the English makes him unbeatable.

#16 TV PRESENTER OF THE YEAR: Raphael Edem - My Friend is blessed with the Gift of the gap. He is an all rounder, handsome, intelligent, fluent, widely read. His Composure on set is Legendary and it mellifluently blends with his rib cracking sense of humour. His dexterity on the microphone has earned him a slot as State Orator (Remember 9,999 xmas carol?). 
15 SPORTS BROADCASTER OF THE YEAR: Aniekeme Finbarr - It is so out of place to give credit to one’s self but this is one award I richly deserve. After all, in this part of the world, if I don't do this, who else will? I was a regular analyst on almost all sports programs in the clime and with my poisonously deep Baritone voice & romance with good English, you wouldn't ignore me except you have a problem with your "audio facilities".
14 NEWSPAPER OF THE YEAR: Global Concord - Never has a tabloid been this popular. Even though its articles are clearly one sided & its operations clandestine, the Biggest critic of d paper wouldn’t resist the urge to merely peep at it and the ACN faithful would rather go hungry than miss any edition !

13 MOST FORGOTTEN MAN OF THE YEAR: Obong Victor Attah - This is the irony of life. We easily forget the past, celebrate the present & look forward to d uncertain future. Just months after leaving office, he isn't heard, seen or felt. It has become almost a crime to mention his name in public. I won't forget you, Sir!

12 MOST DECORATED PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR: CHIEF GODSWILL AKPABIO - Even Nursery, Primary &Secondary Schools wished they had powers to dole out Doctorate Degrees (honoris causa) to appreciate a man acknowledged the world over for his uncommon transformation of Akwa Ibom State. Even a modern museum would not contain the avalanche of plagues, academic gowns& certificates this man received in 2011.
Chief Akpabio

11 MOST COURAGEOUS MAN OF THE YEAR: Distinguished Senator JOHN JAMES AKPANUDOEDEGHE - This man represents the true spirit of the Akwa Ibom Man. Never say die, non violent, stouthearted& daring. His courage to dare the powers that be against the run of play is commendable. His stance brought Stability!

10 ACTOR/COMEDIAN OF THE YEAR: Cafenol""Okon Lagos""Bishop" Ime Umoh - An old boy of BUSH HOUSE NIGERIA, he loudly announced his entry into Nollywood as a sit-com comedian, jokester, humourist, and an unparalled entertainer. He instantly became a household name in 2011, IYAMMI !

#9 MOST PATRONIZED BOUTIQUE IN TOWN: ITAM "BEND DOWN" BOUTIQUE (Urua Itam) - Popularly referred to as Tamist Boutique, this expansive outfit enjoyed massive patronage particularly from the female folks, who usually defied adverse weather conditions to get the best of "okrika" materials.

#8 CHURCH OF THE YEAR: POWER CITY INT'L - I am a staunch catholic and I will die a catholic but Power City International in 2011 brought loads of quality, physically and spiritually to the table. It attracted seasoned men of God to its numerous programmes & the Big one, Myles Munroe's offerings were refreshing & rewarding. Thumps up, Dr Abel Damina !

#7 MOST SUCCESSFUL POLITICIAN OF THE YEAR: Senator ITA SOLOMON ENANG - The quintessential lawyer weathered the odds & crossed over from the House of Reps to the Senate to crown his blossoming & flourishing politico-legislative career. He equally emerged as Chairman, Committee on Business & Rules. Great Feat! His only minus is that he is averse to spending money.
#6 YOUTH PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR: ONOFIOK LUKE Esq - Young, charming, charismatic, level headed & cerebral. He has justified the confidence bestowed on him by the Nsit Ubium people by being outstanding in the AKS House of Assembly. His performance smacks of more to come from the younger generation. Take a bow, Comrade !
#5 MOST POPULAR PHENOMENON OF THE YEAR: ETIGHI DANCE - If you are a Nigerian & you are yet to hear the word ‘etighi’, then you must have just descended from Jupiter, nay some other planet. With its different categories - Etighi afang, keke, groundnut, cocain, name it, this dance was a popular feature in all places at all times. Even pastors had to contain with it in church! Mbok yak inek etighi !
#4 ENTERPRENEUR OF THE YEAR: ENGR DON BASSEY (SHADE COVER) - He is a young man whose brains brim with many lofty ideas. His Company, SHADECOVER GROUP is the leading shade supplier to many shade installers worldwide including South Africa for over the last 6 years & is quickly recognized worldwide for Shade Solutions, Steel Building Projects, Printing Press, Roofing & Security. IS DON GONNA MARRY DIS YEAR?


#3AKWA IBOM STATE AMBASSADOR OF THE YEAR: MISH - The Akwa Ibom Ayaya multi talented crooner shot the State to heavenly heights. Every Nigerian sings consciously or unconsciously about the splendour and growth of Akwa Ibom courtesy Mish. He sold the Akwa Ibom brand to the world & we deeply appreciate it!


#2 MEDIA ICON OF THE YEAR: MICHAEL BUSH  - Ingenious, Brainy, Brilliant, Inventive, resourceful, quick-witted, courageous are just a few adjectives that can attempt to describe him. He is consistently a household name & over the decade, he has positively impacted on his audiences on Radio, TV & with his print offerings. He is Akwa Ibom's finest. Take a Bow Boss !!! 

#1 MAN OF THE YEAR: COMRADE UNYIME USORO - Courage and truth are the best virtues I admire most in life. The Akwa Ibom State NLC boss exudes them. He has weathered the storms to canvass for worker’s welfare. For being the thermometer that has gauged the temperature of the Big Boys at the Hiltop Mansion, he deserves a standing ovation. Take a bow, Comrade. Aluta Continua!!!
Unyime Usoro

PROF DESMOND WILSON – This university don caused a lot of imbroglio within and outside the state when the letter he wrote to INEC got leaked to the press. In the said letter, the seasoned communication lecturer who was the Returning Officer for Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District revealed that elections at Senatorial District were heavily rigged. Of course, he got a lot of banters and was purportedly hunted by those in government corners.  He had to seek asylum outside the state after receiving threatening calls and messages. For taking such a bold and daring action, he deserves an honorary mention in this list.

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