Tuesday 10 January 2012

Governor Akpabio’s wife bars Ini Edo from government house?

Ini Edo

A top Nigerian movie website, www.nigeriafilms.com recently published a story with the caption “Husband snatching allegation: South-South Governor's wife bars actress from Government House”. When CONNOISSEUR read through the story online, I realized that the writer Azuh Amatus may have been referring about Governor Akpabio, his wife Unoma, and the top actress in question happens to be Ini Edo (Ekim). Here is the story as culled from www.nigeriafilms.com. Read and let me know who the characters in the story are.    For daring to flaunt her alleged intimacy with one of the generous South-South Governors in public, a very controversial actress from that same region was publicly disgraced and barred from the State’s Government House, by the enraged First Lady.
   The very embarrassing incident happened recently during a state function that held elaborately inside the banquet hall.
    According to those who witnessed the ugly show of shame that is still being discussed openly in Nollywood, the actress would have been thrown out of the venue if not for urgent intervention from some top dignitaries present at the occasion.
   We reliably gathered that the pretty, married and very controversial entertainer was invited by the State’s government alongside some of her colleagues. Upon arrival, she vehemently refused to sit at the place designated for them with her colleagues and kept perambulating the entire hall in her skimpy attire, for the Governor to notice her. And unknown to this actress who recently premiered her recent movie in this same state, the First Lady had been inundated with stories of her alleged secret romance with her husband, the Governor.
   When the First Lady who had all these while been watching the actress walking aimlessly round the hall and distracting the attention of all the men, including her husband, could no longer take the insult, she decided to confront her.
   She sent for her through one of her orderlies and publicly shouted at her to leave the vicinity and made it clear to her that she does not want to see her around the Government House again.
  Immediately, our star actress, who was helpless and full of embarrassment hurriedly carried her bag and ran as fast as her legs could take.
  We later learnt that the ban had been temporarily lifted after the disgraced actress apologized and swore that she didn’t have anything to do with the philanthropic and multiple awards winning Governor.

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  1. hmmmm! this is serious o!
    Ini Edo should be very careful of Her Excellency in case she dont know what she is capable of,
    she killed one journalist Ekaette Okon because about 5 or 4 years ago and made the whole state to cry so she is because of this her husband o! still capable of that.
    but i have a word for her in case i havent notice His Excellency's late father married as many wives as he want so she cant stop him from that. but if she is not ready to stand that, let her be ready to kill all the women in Nigeria.