Tuesday 10 January 2012

Award winning presenter, Asteroid embarks on new TV series

Asteroid with his NDA Award statuette
Ekemini Sameul Bassey a.k.a Asteroid is embarking on a new TV series entitled “Chilling with Asteroid”. The Uyo City Award and NDA Award winning presenter we learnt authoritatively is embarking on an independent program which will host people from all walks of all life, not only cloned to entertainers.

    A source close to him said: “We are looking at a TV series which can host people from all walks of life, be it businessmen, politicians, entertainers, civil servants but we are going to make it soft. We are taking those who appear on the program on very relaxing and soft questions which is meant to test their entertainment side”.
    The recording of the first edition of the program took place during the weekend and we learnt that program which is likely to be screened on AKBC TV will make its debut by February, 2012.
   Asteroid is a versatile entertainment personality. He is the presenter of popular music TV program, Muzik Alive on AKBC TV. He also does work with some print media in the state. 

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