Thursday 12 January 2012

Wole Soyinka: I do not tweet nor blog

Prof Wole Soyinka
 Nigerian writer and  Nobel laureate Professor Wole Soyinka has disclosed that he is not a fan of the social media as he doesn't tweet ,blog or use facebook . A fake account was created on twitter with handle @profsoyinka which currently has 16,186 followers and many fake on facebook too.
    In a statement entitled: A Dangerous Game of Impersonation, the renowned playwright expressed anger over the use of his name for indecent circulation of electronic messages.
  Once again, taking advantage of a situation of national unrest, some unscrupulous individuals have taken to circulating comments, often of a most distasteful, uncouth and unprincipled nature, in my name. I wish to inform the public that I do not Tweet, Blog, Facebook etc. etc. My public statements are signed and/or go through authorized channels that the media recognize and can authenticate where in doubt. Any electronic message that purports to emanate from me for general circulation through Mobile phones or Internet should be taken as a complete concoction, in most cases by deranged minds with their private and sick agenda.I must remind the public that these are not normal times, and that extreme caution and personal responsibility are needed. It is no time to be taken in by spurious propaganda by cowards who cannot speak in their own voices or acknowledge the names given to them at birth or even acquired during their nefarious careers.Even more than the nausea one feels by being subjected to such identity embezzlement is the danger it poses generally, since it is certain that there are others who are similarly afflicted.One hopes therefore that the Security services , when called upon to assist in tracking down these felons, will recognise this goes beyond individual clamour and will act promptly, not only in unmasking, but in prosecuting them as befit criminal minds with the capacity for incalculable damage to an already fragile social fabric.

Wole Soyinka (Prof)

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