Thursday 12 January 2012

Tiwa Savage in show of shame, fights fan over picture

Though many believe celebrities have blood running through their vains, but for the fact that they are role models to some people, many expect them to always of the best behaviours.

Some celebs have in the time past fallen victims of indecent public acts not expected of them. Some months ago, Ruggedman and Goldie engaged a fan on twitter where they freely used industrial words and language without shame.

Legendary in the act is the actress with about 58 tattoos on her body, Tonto Charity Dikeh.

The latest convert in the ministry is the United Kingdom returnee singer, Tiwa Savage. Tiwa Savage took a picture with a fan (shown above), which was uploaded on twitter. When she retweeted the picture,another fan commented on it this way, "you no even fine. Nah only on top TV yo u dey fine." This infuriated the 'kelekele love' crooner and offensively responded, "you are very stupid and senseless. Your face and heart is UGLY."

She continued with this, "In this condition in naija you have the nerve to send that tweet." In a response, the at this point went further in insulting her with this, "So immature, Lol. You are f**king rude with no manners. F**k you." At this point, one would have expected Tiwa Savage to take her cool, but alas! She responded this way, "you are a waste to the Nigerian population."

For her fan she is having a swell time exchanging hot words with, he would not stop. "I dont giv a f**k. After all you can kiss transformer for me being a waste," was his reponse to Tiwa.

Our dear new entrant into the Nigeria became sarcastic in her response when she wrote, " it hit you hard abi? Next time, think before you open your smelling mouth. Ode oshi (stupid fool).

The fan quickly replied, " if I hit you hard, I'm sure you will forget you have a music career. I just pity u ni." In what seems like submission to the game between Tiwa and her fan, she replied with pity, "*hit a woman abi? Well done," the dramatic and disgraful movie ended.

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