Tuesday 10 January 2012

Star act, Fadabasi embarks on new project

With the uncommon transformation going on in all sectors of the state, Akwa Ibom is now beautiful! To maintain all the tourists sites and infrastructures provided by the state government, a good maintenance culture must be imbibed by the people. All hands must be on deck to maintain the state’s neatness in line with the development drive and giant strides of the present administration. 

  In this part of Nigeria, many sectors of the economy turn a blind eye to corporate social responsibility. It is in this regards that ace rock musician of the Abasi Mmi Ayaya fame-Fadabasi is producing and promoting his new single with the aim of complimenting the efforts of the government by re-orientating the minds of indigenes and visitors on topical issues and on how to keep a safe, clean and green Akwa Ibom state.
   FADABASI believes health is wealth and that a healthy environment makes wealthy people. 



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