Monday 26 March 2012

Fadabasi, Spinosky visit barbers + get new looks

Afro-rock and soul music star, Fadabasi recently visited a barber after many years without the clipper touching his hair. He went for a ‘semi-skull’ as his style. Fadabasi, whose hit track ‘Abasi Ayaya’ got him an endorsement deal with Diamond Bank has been using his blonde hairstyle for many years.
Also, top comedian and radio presenter, Ubong Ukutt alias MC Spinosky who dubs himself d’Turakin Comedy a’ Akwa Ibom daga Nigeria also went for surgery on his hair and returned with a low cut.

I don’t know what informed the decisions of these celebrities but do you think they will remain the same with their new looks or are they going to be like the biblical Samson? (Abasi akan/tufiakwa)
What do they look like with their new hairstyles?

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