Saturday 24 March 2012

Akwa Ibom to host Glo King of the Mic, Nigeria Music Legendary Award and NMA

Jeremy Ekong
Akwa Ibom State is to play host to top music stars as the state has been given rights to host the upcoming Nigeria Music Awards (NMA).

Speaking exclusively to, the Sole Administrator of PMAN in Akwa Ibom State, Pastor Jeremy Keong said the countdown to the awards is on. “On 26th of May, 2012, we will be hosting Glo King of the Mic. June is Nigeria Music Award which is a PMAN award and the slot has been given to Akwa Ibom to host it while in September we will host the Nigeria Music Legendary Award where all top stars who have distinguished themselves as musicians will be honoured. There will be post-humus for those who have died.”

Ekong also said the state’s PMAN will be hosting ‘Family Sunday’ every week at popular hang out –2nd Baze where top celebrities will be there to perform and entertain the audience.

He said all the Akwa Ibom musicians that are billed for Nigerian Music Awards and the Nigerian Music Legendary Award will be there on each Sunday. “It is like a countdown to both events”.
He also intimated that there will be PMAN Workshop which will kick-off on the 2ndweek of April.

It could be recalled that Pastor Ekong was appointed Sole Administrator of the union by the National President, Ras Murphy van Anthony on the heels of the dissolution of all exco(s) in the state.

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