Monday 26 March 2012

Woman alleges actor Segun Arinze impregnated and abandoned her

Nollywood actor and out-going Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), president, Segun Arinze is currently embroiled in a paternity case that has left more questions than answers in its wake.
The popular actor is the subject of a vehement claim by a certain lady, Amara Obiefuna, who is in her late twenties. She insists the married actor is the father of her 9/10 year old child.
The actor was described as, ‘a very mean person’, by the lady, who then went on to say that, ‘he switched off the phone he gave me after our first meeting and I’ve also met him where we discussed the issue of the pregnancy’.
The pair allegedly met and had a brief fling during the filming of a movie in the city of Calabar in 2002.

The product of that liaison ten years ago is what is now the bone of contention.
However, when called for comments and a chance to ascertain the validity or otherwise of the claims, the ebullient actor, apparently finding the issue distasteful, shut the question down.
Please, please, please… Abeg, eh? Over and out‘, he said, before abruptly ending the call.
In the absence of a DNA test, it remains to be seen how this one will pan out for the actor, who is, at the moment, in the midst of an ongoing controversy in the actors’ guild elections.

Source: TheNetng

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  1. Its only God that knows the truth. We should now judge, Segun is well known in Nigeria and I am sure he know what is best for him in this situation.