Monday 19 March 2012


It was a thing of shame and embarrassment as this top Akwa Ibom born actor and producer was caught on Valentine’s Day getting it down with an upcoming actress inside an abandoned car outside a hotel in the Uyo city center.

We gathered from a source on the spot that the married actor who is one of the big boys when it comes to movies in the South-South is a married man with three kids and those who saw him were really shocked that he could not even have the decency to get a room in the hotel to carry out his activities but preferred to have a quick one with the young girl in an abandoned car.
But another source who was at the hotel hinted us that the actor who is known for his philandering ways,actually had another babe in the hotel where a Valentine show was on and when the young actress came calling,he had to take her out to the abandoned car to satisfy his libido.

The s*x-crazed duo,we gathered,was caught by the security man who quickly called the manager of the hotel to see what he saw.

The melee attracted other patrons of the hotel who were amazed that a star some of them adored and looked up to was actually the one misbehaving.

Who could this actor be?

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