Thursday 15 March 2012


For lovers of television drama, Super Story, a particular episode, No Pain, No Gain remains a blockbuster as they would never forget the scintillating performance of the central female character, Sandra.
In real life, however, the face behind the Sandra character is Obey Etuk, a graduate of Theatre Arts from Imo State University. But after her odyssey with the Wale Adenuga's production and a couple of other movies, Etuk vanished from the screen.
We can authoritatively inform you that the talented thespian is back with a full force in Nollywood, to continue from where she stopped.
In a recent interview, the ebony beauty explains the rationale for her AWOL, her biggest regret and her view about long time relationship/courting?
“I took a break because there was a great need to do so. When you see yourself as no longer growing younger, I think the right thing is to do what I just I did: take a break to marry and at the same time make babies. Today, I thank God, I am a happy and proud mother of two children - a girl and a boy. That is exactly what I took a break to do. Having done that, I think I am back again to Nollywood, to do what I enjoy doing and what I know how best to do.”
“Long time relationship/courting, I don't think I would advice anybody to go into long time relationship. Men are not worth dating for a long time; they would keep you for many years and at the end tell you it won't work again because you are from so and so state. Didn't he know that you are from that state before he approached you and start promising heaven on earth? Some would even come telling you that their mother said this or that. If you love a woman why not court her for a reasonable time and get married to her? Problems in the marriage have nothing to do with how many years you dated each other. Even those that spent 20 years in courting might still have problems if they don't take care. However, it depends on individual but when age is no longer on one's side I don't think long-term relationship is the best.”
Asked, What is your regret in life; she said “Do I have any regret? I think dating someone for that long a time is something I regret. I think it was a mistake and I won't advice anybody to do such, especially when age is no longer on your side.
“Imagine dating somebody for 10 years and all of a sudden everything came crashing! The experience almost made me to give up on men.”

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