Thursday 26 September 2013

Aniekpeno Mkpanang has extended a hand of fellowship to me - Sir James

Last month, it was reported in several tabloids that James Essien a.k.a Sir James was angry with the Akwa Ibom State Director of Protocol- Aniekpeno Mkpanang, whom he openly confronted for reasons simply summarized as ‘non patronage of home grown comedians during state functions’.

Few days after, Sir James invited journalists to make it clear that the same Aniekpeno many felt he was at war with, has given him a chance to prove himself as Akwa Ibom’s finest and most celebrated comedian.
His performance at the state banquet organized by the government to mark Akwa Ibom’s attainment of 26years of statehood performance was obviously adjudged the best of the night as Governor Akpabio laughed throughout his (Sir James’) stay on the stage. Akpabio laughed, the applause from the audience seated, and the messages drooling in to the social media from those who watched the live transmission on Africa Independent Television has been terrific. 
It was a shocker to many, to see the hilarious comedian dish out his 'phonetic Ibibio' jokes to the audience at the Akwa Ibom-at-26-banquet held at Le Meridien Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort on Monday, September 23, 2013. Sir James made his long awaited return to the stage of the Akwa Ibom banquet after falling out of favour from state government events organizers. He cracked the ribs of His Excellency, the Governor of Akwa Ibom state, his wife Unoma, former Governors and all tribes & sectors well represented.
In a chat with newsmen, Sir James said “Mr. Aniekpeno Mkpanang has extended his hand of fellowship to me. After being out of state government functions for a long while, I was given another shot by the protocol department of the state government and I’m happy I delivered. After the event, the D.O.P personally came and gave me a warm hug, saying he was happy I gave a good account of myself, saying I was the best performer of the night. I’m happy I made the governor laugh uncontrollably”.

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