Friday 6 September 2013

Timaya has not signed me - Ikpa Udo

He made waves as the new prince of Ibibio rap in Akwa Ibom state, as crowned by E-101 Magazine in one of their editions. He shot a video, did collabos, played a couple of shows to horn his skills in the underground and earned the admiration of many (especially female fans).  In recent time,  Indigenous MaliQ a.k.a Ikpa Udo has been missing in action when it comes to the music/entertainment industry in the South, where he hitherto reigned supreme.  He took out time in his Lekki, Lagos abode to attend to a few questions from Nelson Sombodi on what he has been up to lately, and to clear the air about rumours of him being signed by Timaya. Read the interview after the cut...

How has it been with you in Lagos?
Relocating to Lagos has really enhanced and boosted ma P, nkor ame diongo nanga. I've always loved the war front, the competitions and all is inspiring, yea the streets too. So, I'm cool with Lagos

Your new single (Bounce); was it inspired by Glo Slide n Bounce?
*lol* its entirely not Glo....I got inspired for 'Bounce' in a club here in Lagos "The Place"...was chilling with couple of friends on a Friday night when I had the revelation

Your relationship with Otyno?
When Otyno is on the Tis-ti-kpak-tis...You feel the chemistry between the beats and my flow. He's still ma best beat maker...We understand ourselves more

There are rumours of you being signed by Timaya?
Egberi Papa and Ekpri Papa are close...(Laughs)We hang out in the studio and uhm, do couple of freestyles. You know *clears throat*...He's a cool fellow.

So what is the relationship with Timaya?
First, you know I'm unsigned. Second, I'm not with Timaya like staying in his house..I only visit, regularly though. We should be working on stuffs together soon.

So are you on a label?
No...I'm still unsigned

So what is the difference between then and now?
I did more of online promo for "Play Me" video, and few Tv stations particularly there in Uyo-Calabar axis. I'm promoting in Lagos too, trying to break into the mainstream of the industry

Word for the streets...
nkor ame diongo nanga...mmo nsad mba nanga.I miss home sha, cant wait to rock a stage there in the south again.

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