Sunday 15 July 2012

Mario Balotelli’s mum gets job as £6-an-hour office cleaner to make ends meet

Rose ­Barwuah, Balotelli's mum
The mum of multi-­millionaire footballer Mario Balotelli has a new job to make ends meet… working as a ­CLEANER at an office block.
And while the ­Manchester City and Italy star drives to work in his £120,000 Bentley Continental GT, skint Rose ­Barwuah’s more modest mode of transport is the Number 11 bus.
She is scraping a living doing evening shifts as a Mrs Mop at the ­offices of a car lease company for close to the £6-an-hour minimum wage.
On Thursday Rose flashed her pass to the bus driver as she made her way for her evening’s work at the block of ­offices on the outskirts of Cheadle, Greater Manchester.
Before heading into work, she made a short stop-off at budget supermarket Aldi on her way to Lex Autolease.
She later traipsed back to the stop before getting on the Stagecoach bus back to Cheadle village.
Rose, 46, who gave Mario up for ­adoption when he was two, moved to the ­Manchester area last ­Christmas to be close to the £120,000-a-week striker.
She lives on an estate in ­Wythenshawe, which was used to film Shameless, the Channel 4 comedy about families living on the dole in council houses.
Striker Mario has visited her there several times… stunning residents by turning up his white Bentley.
The source said: “She came over here from Italy with her daughter.
“A lot of people on the estate who know who her famous son is can’t quite believe she is working as a cleaner.
“It is a bit odd that while he is polishing his Premier League winner’s medal she is polishing desks.
“Mario has been round the house, sometimes with his brother Enoch. It is a real sight to see his white ­Bentley parked up outside.
“It was a surprise to see Rose rock up on this estate when he is earning millions of pounds and lives in a huge house in Alderley Edge.
“But fair play to Rose, she has got on with things and is willing to graft for not a lot of money.
“Apparently she does not want any of Mario’s money. It looks like she is settled here and is here to stay.”
This week Mario, 21, has been pictured larking around on a jetski in Ibiza and drinking champagne with pals on the French Riviera.
But while the Manchester City ­favourite has been living it up after the Euro 2012 tournament, Rose, who previously worked at ­Wythenshawe Market, has been living out her more modest existence on the sprawling ­council ­estate.
Rose and her husband Thomas, who are from Ghana, gave Mario up for adoption when he was two and he was taken in by the wealthy Balotelli family. They had been advised to give him up because they were living in a tiny flat in Brescia, Italy, and Mario had a life-threatening intestinal condition that was made worse by their cramped conditions.
They later claimed the Balotellis turned Mario against them.
But, talking of attempts to rekindle her relationship with her famous son, Rose has said: “Mario has been over to see me a few times.
“We don’t see each other all the time as he has his life and I have mine.”
The source added: “Rose isn’t afraid of hard work and isn’t scared of getting her hands dirty. She believes in working and having a job.
“She managed to find a job on ­Wythenshawe market. It was getting up at the crack of dawn and helping to set up the stalls. It meant getting up very early but she was more than willing to do it.
“But the cleaning work in the evenings suits her better with Angel because she can spend more time with her in the mornings. Rose has settled in really well in Manchester and it looks like she has no intention of going back to Italy.
“There has been talk that Thomas will be joining her as well.
“Rose is happy to be near Mario and Angel really likes seeing her famous brother as well as Enoch.
“She has made quite a lot of friends in the area. She is also very religious and really enjoys attending one of the local churches.”
Balotelli, who lives in a rented £3m mansion in Alderley Edge and also drives a £130,000 Maserati and a £60,000 Range Rover, was Italy’s hero at Euro 2012. He fired two goals past Germany to take them into the finals, where they were beaten by Spain.

Source | UK Mirror

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