Friday 6 July 2012

Perry Curtis: A stroke of pure genius

Perry Curtis
By Philip Asuquo

Not many artistes are comfortable with being known for music that is a tad revolutionary. The few ones that came have long since been drowned into the monotony of mainstream music and all we have of them are old records that clearly show the gulf between their past and the present. There's always been a muffled cry and call for conscious music.
Because of the long list of artistes who do regular music, the fans are becoming used to the cacophony of sounds that are tinged mostly with self aggrandizement and a care-free disposition. Enter Perry Curtis, a natural born music artiste that reeks of sure-footed revolution for positivity and a crusader of good music.
The artiste is releasing songs that are clearly cut out to raise social consciousness but in a rather 'satirically comic' But poignant manner. You can’t mistake the artiste for a clown neither can you put an insurgent tag on him. His sound is momentously conscious. That’s a mark you can’t miss.
Recently nominated for the NIGER DELTA ADVANCEMENT AWARDS, below is an opportunity for you to download and have an experience of that avant garde sound of Perry’s music. The track is titled ‘Talk to Me Later’ and has a distinctive message.

Below is Perry Curtis’ “Talk to me Later” video.



  1. cool video...deep lyrics and visuals

  2. Phillip Asuquo...the best there is in Entertainment writing. Kenis