Tuesday 28 February 2012


Many good songs get recorded and released every day. Some of them get maximum exposure and thus give the required fame to the artistes. A whole lot of those songs fizzle out even without getting heard by the expected audience. This usually occurs when the artistes or their management do not give the songs the much-needed push and exposure.

So, at the end of the day, that ‘very good song’ never gets fully heard by the fans or publicized in the media and there goes another song that could help push an artiste into limelight and thrill the world. There are so many factors that can necessitate this. Most times, the cost of publicity might hinder adequate promotion. Other times, it might be that the artiste or his management does not have a good angle or promo package that will help push their work. And more often than not, they may not have the needed ‘connection’ to circulate their songs and generate good buzz.

Project Full Leverage (PFL) is the platform that helps artistes outwit this phenomenon and garner full leverage for themselves and their songs. Beyond pushing an artiste’s songs, the platform helps strengthen the artistes as a brand and create publicity angles for his/her songs.
PFL package includes free circulation of the compilation CDs to radio stations, DJs, On-air personalities, music marketers and promoters, clubs, music fans etc. The package also includes club invasions, merchandising and a whole lot more.
Obviously, this is the juiciest package ever for artistes. The package is open to both new and celebrity artistes who want to give some edge to their songs/career. It is also open to artistes from anywhere.
Artistes are required to send their songs to projectfullleverage@gmail.com. The songs will be screened then approved or disapproved. If a song gets chosen, the artiste that owns it will be contacted and given a full brief about the project.

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