Wednesday 1 February 2012


Ikpe Ikpe Kiddy popularly known as Ice Kid is shooting a video for his new song ‘One Love Afrika’. Ice Kid who has been performing in top-rated shows across the country since the beginning of the year says he wants to pass a message across that no matter the religion nor ethnic background everybody is one.

In a BB chat with, Ice Kid said “The video was shot at different locations including market where an Igbo man was fighting someone from Hausa. An Ibibio person is seen coming to separate them.”

The video was shot in locations at Hausa Quarters and Igbo community in Eket and was shot by Ice Lamb who had worked with Clarence Peters.

Meanwhile, we also learnt that ‘Afo Do Legend’ crooner, Pasto Goody Goody is shooting a video for his new freestyle song. Details were scanty as at the time we were writing this report but we’ll update it soon when we get explicit details.

Below are more pictures from Ice Kid’s video shoot. 

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