Sunday 12 August 2012

Usain Bolt says Ronaldo is better than Messi

The Jamaican born London 2012 100metres and 200metres gold medalist, Usain Bolt has said he considers Cristiano Ronaldo to be a better player than Lionel Messi. Read his comment after the cut…
"No doubt Cristiano is better than Messi. He is a more complete player. I would give the Ballon d'Or to Cristiano. He has managed to stay on top and that's the most difficult thing."


  1. Well... Í wonder if the objectivity of that statement has anything to do with the fact that Bolt & Ronaldo has the same sponsor?

    So far the public outcries to support Ronaldo comes from his manager (who also happens to be Portugese), A CNN reporter (who also happens to be of Portugese descent) & a sprinter (who happens to share the same sponsor)...

    As an independent (not a Messi or Ronaldo fan), I have to say Messi is by far the better player!


    There is a lively debate about which of Messi and Ronaldo is best, and so they are constantly compared and why? They are both amazing and different.

    If you have to compare them, then it's only going to be in Messi's favor, for he leads at all comparable statisticis, ergo, he is the best, it doesn't make Ronaldo bad, but facts are facts, and whom ever you like best, is what it is.

    1) Messi score more goals than Ronaldo.
    2) Messi needs far fewer attempts to score them = Messi is much more effective in terms of goals in relation to trials.
    3) Ronaldo has scored more of his goals than Messi on penalties, yet Messi scores the most goals.
    4) Messi makes more assists than Ronaldo (which can easily be interpreted as an indication that Messi is a better team player).
    5) Ronaldo needs more assists than Messi to make goals (which can easily be interpreted as an indication that Messi is a better individualist).
    6) Messi has with the national team won the U20 World Cup & Olympics (no it is not the World Cup, but it is international tournaments), and for comparison, Ronaldo has won nothing with his national team, so Messi does much better on the national side measured on titles.
    7) Conclusion = Messi is the best, and as I said, it doesn't make Ronaldo bad, but if it shouldn't be assessed based on these facts, what counts?
    That Ronaldo hat larger market appeal (advertising)? Good for him, does it make him a better player than Messi? That Ronaldo looks better and has nice hair? Come on, he's a fantastic footballer, who has a relative nice look, but Messi is doing at all measurable football facts better.

    You may like the one you like and it can not be discussed. These facts can't be discussed either and in relation to who the best footballer are, facts after all and must be the balance.

  3. Some debate goes as follows:

    Some say that Messi is only doing well because he is surrounded by world class players
    (sorry but Ronaldo is not at Real Madrid?)

    Some say that Ronaldo is better on the national team than Messi
    (Sorry but Messi has after all won the U20 World Cup & Olympics,
    what has Ronaldo won with his team?)

    Some say that Barcelona's game is built around Messi, and that it is only thus that he and Barcelona are doing so well
    (Excuse me, but it's something of a denigration of Barcelona's other players who curiously elsewhere are accused of being the real reason for Messi's success -bizarre is it not?- and besides has Barca in the last 4 seasons, played 16 matches without him, and it has been for 12 wins, 3 draws and 1 defeat, with a pure reserve team, so they may as well been said to play pretty well without him?)

    Back to the national team, for a brief comment. Messi has measured in titles klarert's significantly better than Ronaldo, so who is best on their national team is a bit of a weird discussion
    (Argentina fared relatively poor for the last World Cup, but maybe it also has a little to do with Maradona fairly poor management skills? And again is the Argentine national team only Messi? What of Tevez, Di Maria, Mascherano, Milito, etc.?)

  4. Well Real won the Spanish championship and Barca won the Copa del Rey who is the best?

    Barca has in this season also won the FIFA Club World Championship, and you have to first win the UEFA European Club Championship in order to attend the FIFA tournament (which Real hasn't been able to Ronaldo or not) + in this season Barca has also won the UEFA Super Cup & Spanish Super Cup.

    And is it only these things that determines it, Messi has no matter what (currently) still made the most goals, has a better efficiency and made the most assists including setting a new World Record for most goals in a season, beating Gerd Müllers incredibily goal scoring record.

    So measured on titles this season + individual stats Messi v Ronaldo =
    1)Messi = FIFA Club World Championship, Copa del Rey Winner, Spanish championship runners up, UEFA Super Cup Winner & Spanish Super Cup Winner.
    + New world record for most goals in a season, and more assists and better effectivity in terms of goals in relation to trial, and topscorer in the UEFA European Club Championship (record), topscorer in CL 4th time in a row (record) & the Spanish championship + 8 hat tricks (record), and made 35 goals on home ground (record).
    2)Ronaldo = Spanish championship Winner.
    + scored against all teams in the Spanish championship (record).

    = Messi is the best.

    PS: Concerning Reals champoinship, would they have won if David Villa (Spains most scoring player ever) didn't have a long term injury?

  5. Messi is the best, and as I said, it doesn't make Ronaldo bad, but if it shouldn't be assessed based on these facts.Messi is also better than Ronaldo.Messi respect kindly our soccer players.

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  7. Messi fait face à Ronaldo au moins deux fois par saison à El Clásico, qui figure parmi les événements sportifs annuels les plus regardés au monde.