Wednesday 8 August 2012

Mista Xto’s car destroyed, laptop stolen

Mista Xto
The car of Mista Xto, the doyen of Akwa-Cross music was destroyed and his laptop and other items stolen from the vehicle. Check after the cut what he wrote on his Facebook page….
Uyo don step up o, it took a guy or guys less than 30min to vandalize my car and steal my laptop and other items in broad daylight at nwaniba oron road round abt. And they locked d car back for me. Na ibom science park dem tif so!
To get more details on the issue, I had to go and meet him personally. He told me the thieves broke into his car in broad-day-light. "I packed the car at Nwaniba, close to Oron Road-Nwaniba Road roundabout. When I came out of where I went, I realized the door of the car was spoilt and they made away with a laptop and other  some other items that were inside. This was at about 2pm on Tuesday", he said.
Hmmm...I know a lot of ‘scam’ documents which could have been used for the progress of the nation were inside the lappy and Connoisseur prays God to give 'The Don' (that's how I call him) knowledge and more grace to redevelop them.

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  1. Could've all been avoided if he maybe locked his car or parked it somewhere more scenic, in an area of vandals, do you not expect vandalism?

    -David Enabulele