Thursday 23 August 2012

Photos: E-101 Magazine hosts Umana Umana to birthday gig

 The rave-making E-101Magazine on Monday evening hosted the Secretary to Akwa Ibom State Government, Obong Umana Okon Umana to a birthday bash. It was the 53rd birthday of the man described as a ‘silent achiever’. The Magazine’s board of Directors consisting of Ifreke Nseowo (Nigeria’s Youngest Editor Ever), the versatile Asteroid Bassey, Nelson Nseabasi, Prince Simeon and Aniekan Ekah organized one of the biggest birthday gigs of the year for the SSG at Monty Suites. It was a night full of laughter and enjoyment (as you will see in the pix). The who-is-who in Akwa Ibom politics were they to celebrate with UOU. More pictures below….

Ex Commissioner - Emem Wills

Gospel star - Godfada
Jossy on the guitar

Torchlyte Effexts

Ifreke Nseowo and Asteroid


Comedian Sir James

MD of Amaecom Global Ltd - Marcel Oformata
Icekyd Banton
London based 11 year old songstress - Mya K with mum

Mrs Kinlock

Mya K

Darlene Benson

Patrick Okon of Encomium Magazine (right)

Mista Xto with Marcel

Hon. Rex Enwieme
Inyang Unya (standing)

Mista Xto with Maurice

Arrival of the celebrant
Celebrant takes his seat

Celebrant with special guests

Mr. Monday Uko - CEO of Monty Suites

Bassey Albert Akpan - Commissioner for Finance

Darlene performs
The Nollywood actress/songstress moves to take her seat

L-R: Aniekan Ekah, Henry Akpabio, Nature Udoh

Chris Abasieyo sets the tone

Abasieyo gets a handshake from the celebrant

Chris Abasieyo with the event's emcee - Asteroid

Sir James cracking ribs

AKHA Member - Bassey Etienam

Former Speaker of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly - Anietie Etuk engrossed in reading E-101

It was fun all through

Utang Akwa Ibom renders a ballad

Former Attorney General of Akwa Ibom - Victor Iyanam

Chris Abasieyo


On-air-personalities : Emilia Ojumedia of Atlantic FM and Aniekeme Finbarr of Bush House read the celebrant's profile

Former House of Rep. Member - Emmanuel Obot

House of Rep Member - Dan Akpan
L-R: Bassey Etienam, Enobong Uwah, Onofiok Luke


Gabriel renders the sax version of Pasto Goody Goody's 'Afo do Legend'

Onofiok Luke with Inyang Unya

Effiom Trombone, Godfada, Icekyd Banton

Mista Xto with Nature Udoh

Udeme Inyang - Publisher of Newslink Newspaper

Amos Etuk - Editor of Daily News Wire

Salsa dance

Hon. Enwieme

Huhuhu...the celebrant is laughing

Skippo is killing people with laughter

Birthday cake

Cutting of the birthday cake

Mya K sings birthday song for the celebrant

Manchester United fans - Etienam and Uwah

Bassey Albert proposes the toast

Dan Akpan

Onofiok Luke, Inyang Unya, Oliver Udokpo

Toast to good life, prosperity, more achievements...etc

Asteroid and Nelson

Emillia of Atlantic FM

NTA Uyo's popular newscaster

NLC Chair - Unyime Usoro


Garneti presents a gift to Umana

Nigeria's Youngest Editor Ever - Ifreke Nseowo presents a portrait to celebrant

Nelson Nseabasi presents some of the older editions of E101 to celebrant

Mista Xto performs 'Afo Ke di'

Response by Umana


Onofiok Endorses E-101

Hammer endorses the magazine

Etienam loves E-101

Bassey looks at the mag

Amaecom isn't left out

Utang Akwa Ibom

Mya K in a chat with the celebrant

Celebrant on the dance floor

Feelingz performs a birthday song for Umana


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