Saturday 5 August 2017

Criticism on new lodge is myopic – Udom

Governor Udom Emmanuel has described as myopic, the criticisms that have trailed the controversial proposal for construction of a new governor’s lodge in Lagos, CONNOISSEUR reports. In an interaction with Government House reporters, Mr Emmanuel said the notion by some members of the public that the state does not need to invest in any place outside the state is “a little bit myopic”.

“Why allow all those assets to lie waste? This is time the oil revenue is no more coming. So if you have something that can generate revenue you polish it up, put it back in the market and earn what you can earn and use that to do what you have to do. Some are saying investment shouldn’t be anywhere outside Akwa Ibom, so do we sell off those assets that we know can actually generate returns?
“If we don’t invest in any place outside here, I think it is a little bit myopic, I’m sorry to say so. So how come now we are clamoring for every IOC to relocate their head office or headquarters to Akwa Ibom. They can as well say they are from United States of America that they don’t have anything to do with Nigeria after all they have not finished drilling oil in America. You follow money to where that money can be found and use it to develop where you want to develop”, Emmanuel said.  

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